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Quarantine: 10 best video call apps

One of the worst consequences we suffer because of the resentment imposed by the spread of the virus in the world is the obligation of social isolation. On the other hand, the existence of several video call applications allows us to keep in touch with friends, family and co-workers. This allows us to work from home using team meeting applications.

These applications for meeting online enable us to see and hear our loved ones and anyone with whom we need to talk. In quarantine times, these video call apps became valuable tools for maintaining mental health and well-being.

You may have already tried to make group calls via WhatsApp or Instagram, but limiting up to four people per call may not be enough if you need to gather more participants on a call.

So we’ve put together the best video call apps that you can use while hitting the coronavrus. They can be meant for work or just to help you have fun with friends and relatives.

Regardless of your need, you will find an application that will suit you. So check out the list below right now!

1. Zoom

After the arrival of the Covid-19, Zoom has become one of the most accessed applications in the world. Despite recent controversies, it remains a reliable app for video conferencing.

For those who work as a team, it is ideal because it allows an unlimited number of users and has interesting features. Among them, the possibility of sharing the screen of your cell phone or computer, ideal for teaching a process or analyzing a report. All this for free

In addition, in paid plans, you can use the app to conduct webinars online. Thus, it becomes ideal for those who are investing in giving classes over the internet to generate income.

To know everything that Zoom can offer, click on the link right now!

zoom video call apps

2. Google Hangouts Meet

Google's video calling applications have been unified to meet the needs of users in the quarter. Although Hangouts has been free since its launch, Meet was a paid business tool on the platform.

With the current situation, Google decided to unite both in the same app, making Google Hangouts Meet free for the whole world. The tool allows you to call a large number of people for video meetings.

In addition, you can also synchronize calendar comapps to schedule your video conferences. Its more user-friendly professional interface, in addition to the app also allows you to share your computer screen or smartphone.

Click the link to start using Google Hangouts Meet!

3. Whereby

Its ease of use can make Whereby a suitable option for those not so familiar with technology. In addition, it is available on both mobile phones and computers.

Whereby also allows you to do audio conferencing, for the most timid who do not have so much predisposition to show themselves on the webcam. This app also makes it possible to share the screen, being an option also for professionals who are working at home.

Access the link to know Whereby!

4. Skype

Probably the best known among video call applications, Skype already had this option even before smartphones were born.

Even today, it remains a viable option for meetings over the internet, either professionally or to call friends and family. Free, you can also send text messages, voice or just make audio calls, among other features.

Click on the link to learn everything about Skype!

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<h2>5. JoinMe</h2>
<p>This platform is available in internet browsers and also as an app for mobile phones. You can easily create video call rooms by sending access links to your contacts.</p><div class='code-block code-block-9' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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They can be either a direct conversation or a group call, JoinMe is free and you can start using it via the link.

6. GoToMeeting

Like Skype and Zoom, GoToMeeting came up with a proposal aimed at professional users. It allows synchronization with the agenda and the meetings are transcribed automatically.

That is, you can meet online and check what was said later, if any point discussed is in doubt. GoToMeeting also allows you to exchange messages via text.

Click the link to see the app right now!

7. Telegram

We have already talked about Telegram in other articles on AppTuts, especially when dubious court decisions prevented the use of WhatsApp in Brazil.

Despite being a messaging application, Telegram can be used as one of the video call applications mentioned throughout this article. We say this because you can make group calls easily on your cell phone, but the app extends this functionality to your web or PC version.

To know everything Telegram can offer as a video call application, just access the link!

8. BlueJeans

Unlike Telegram, BlueJeans was developed with the objective of being one of the best video call applications. For this, it has an interface that allows you to create virtual rooms for conversations and meetings.

To call participants, just copy a link offered by the app itself and send it to the contacts who will participate in the conversation. One of its main advantages is its simplicity, making it a favorite of many professionals who do not want a ton of features delaying the loading of the app.

Access the link now to know BlueJeans!

bluejeans video call apps

9. BigBlueButton

Aimed at teachers who are now teaching online due to the pandemic, BigBlueButton has also seen an increase in its use.

Among the facilities offered to online courses, we can highlight the possibility of sharing the screen or creating a kind of virtual whiteboard, in which teachers can write or design concepts for their students.

Click on the link to find out how BigBlueButton can help you in virtual classrooms for free!

10. TeamLink

Closing the list of video call applications, TeamLink is an ideal solution for those who need to gather many people online.

With the ability to call up to 300 users and share your device's screen, it is also an alternative to consider for those who teach online. Classes can also be recorded, which you can use as a YouTube video on your channel, if you have one.

See more about TeamLink by accessing the link!

What video call apps are you already using?

Whether to keep in touch with family and friends, meet online with your team or even teach classes over the internet, the video call apps that we bring here can satisfy what you need.

Which one have you used before? Which do you recommend? Comment with us and leave your opinion!