Quality of games for iOS is already being compared to that of consoles; Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are good new examples

Quality of games for iOS is already being compared to that of consoles; Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are good new examples

We here at we have already reflected a little on the relationship between Apple, its products and systems, and games. The post, however, has already completed a year and, as expected, Ma's technologies have evolved considerably in this 12-month period.

Although, as we know, Ma computers are not great gaming machines, as many like to approach the subject in a joking way, there is no denying that the minicomputers that we carry up and down with us can do amazing things (despite the size). I mean, of course, iPhones, which are more powerful with each new release, allowing you to perform even tasks that require a lot of processing, such as running games with incredible graphics in a fluid way.

It has been a while since mobile games have gone beyond a mere casual pastime to become the main source of entertainment for many people. Those who have always enjoyed portable consoles such as Game Boys, PSPs and others, certainly saw smartphones as a way to play their favorite titles and be able to carry them wherever they go. The developers realized this and, as we have seen, many famous franchises are already present in the app stores of both iOS and Android.

Apple, therefore, would not be left out of the great source of profit that the gaming industry provides: it has encouraged and helped many developers to create and publicize their games, so that it is also very easy to have access to games in the end, everyone leaves winning.

And Ma invests so much that she manages to be featured in events she doesn't even participate in. How? Well, you may have noticed that at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), for example, there are many devices and accessories for the Apple ecosystem, so the media covering the launches always end up mentioning Ma without necessarily having a real participation in the market.

The same is happening this week, Game Developers Conference. Success on other consoles, games Fortnite and PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (or PUBG), both for survival, were released for iOS and already show the incredible capacity that smartphones today can present, especially Apple devices.

Fornite, developed by Epic Games, the most watched title on Twitch today and, now that it is available for mobile, its fame may increase even more.

In fact, it already shows very encouraging numbers: in the first four days of sale, the game managed to earn $ 1.5 million only for internal purchases (In-App Purchases), according to Sensor Tower.

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Comparing the numbers of other popular titles in the same post-launch period, he was second only to Pokmon GO ($ 4.9 million) and Clash Royale ($ 4.6 million), but he is on top of games of the same survival genre : the second place, Knives Out, had only US $ 57 thousand and Rules of Survival, US $ 39 thousand, a very substantial difference!

For now, you can download Fortnite for free from the App Store, but you still need an invitation to play (you can sign up for the waiting list here).

To compete with Fortnite, Tencent Games released PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds in a mobile version. Unlike the most watched game on Twitch, PUBG seems to have in fact been adapted to work better on mobile devices, but many are already enjoying the game that also has its success.

In the game, 100 players parachute onto a map and need to collect weapons and other equipment; then they fight each other until about just one survivor.

The game was basically the owner of the piece before Fortnite arrived; there are still many players on Xbox One and PCs, however, now, it is also winning smartphone users (both on iOS and Android). To run the app, I need to be on iOS 11 on an iPhone 6 or higher or iPad Air 2 or higher.

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Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of product marketing, spoke with Matthew Panzarino (from TechCrunch) on the paths that mobile games are taking and what they are becoming.

The vice president recalled that the “Games” category was always one of the most popular on the App Store and that the redesign of the store on iOS 11 allowed games to have their own tab and, of course, this helped traffic and sales to increase even more. more.

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Joswiak stated that Fortnite and PUBG are “bringing the current generation of console games to iOS”, and that Ma is annually improving the technology and bringing it all to the developers and he says this by comparing the smartphone to the improvement cycle of consoles, which basically take four to five years. “Before the industry realized, we were surprising people (with technology). The complete gameplay of these titles woke up a lot of people. ”

Joswiak's words were echoed by Ryan Cash, who is part of the newly launched Alto’s Odyssey team:

We have a few Fortnite players on the team and the mobile version made them extremely excited. I think that, more than the completeness of these games (which in itself is a technical feat worth celebrating!), Things like Epic's dedication to cross-platform gaming is enormous. Create these interconnected ecosystems where players who prefer to play on their iPhones can enjoy huge cultural titles like Fortnite alongside huge console players. This takes us a step closer to an industry attitude that focuses more on accessibility and less on separating experiences into levels of perceived quality.

The presence of the Fortnite game on iOS represents much more than just profit; this game that today can be used in iGadgets * exactly the same game *, complete and whole, from that presented on consoles and PCs this is basically an indication, since normally the big titles go to the mobile world in more versions capadas, trying to please only the mobile gaming audience.

To run the game without choking, of course, you need a good device; despite running well on devices starting with the iPhone 5s (with iOS 11), the genius of Fortnite manages to stand out a lot on the iPhone X. By the impressive graphics, the flagship Apple was placed side by side to an Xbox One X and its 6 teraflops.

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In comparison, the iPhone X ends up calling attention for being a small device running a game basically console, but also for the quality of the screen and for having the fastest integrated circuit (SoC) on the market. In fact, the differences are small and impressed many people.

() Much of its visual identity has been kept wandering across cities and buildings reveals small changes in geometry, but the overall effect is remarkably similar. The animation is there, the density of the objects is there and the game world is presented just like on the console and the PC. it really is the complete experience in this regard and the fact that everything is running on a handheld device despite having the fastest mobile SoC on the market is simply exceptional.

Of course, the teams behind the games are responsible for bringing users something reliable, but Apple can receive a lot of credit for the technology of its products and, as always, for serving developers well, putting their games more and more in evidence.

Check out this page for the full interview with Joswiak and other developers with TechCrunch.

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