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Qualcomm wants to know about Intel chip technical schemes used in iPhones

If the mixture between Apple and Qualcomm It is now far from over, the largest chip vendor shows that it is willing to further prolong this legal battle, which has already involved even Ma consumers. Amid this crossfire, it is not the first time Qualcomm seems to be bothered by closer ties between Apple and the Intel which theoretically will be responsible for 70% of the production of modems of upcoming iPhones.

This time, Qualcomm stated that Intel has not fulfilled its promise to provide documents on the components used in modems of the latest iPhones, which may be relevant to Qualcomm's patent infringement evidence, as disclosed. The register.

Thus, the company filed another lawsuit in California to force Intel to deliver these documents related to components used or planned for iPhones produced from 2016. Although Intel provided these documents for 2016 and 2017. , the company accused of not providing details about parts that could be used in this year's device hardware. In this regard, Intel has stated that, for obvious reasons, it cannot provide component information related to “future and named products” such as upcoming iPhones.

For Qualcomm, this argument is not valid, and she pointed out that Intel has not only disclosed how it has already marketed such allegedly "unhealthy" components in upgrading the iPad line last March. The chip supplier also complained that Intel refuses to comply with a subpoena to give a statement about these components, associated with delivery of the documents. Intel, in turn, claims that the demand is very high and that some people do not live in the US to be able to give this statement.

This is the latest in the long dispute between Apple and Qualcomm, which originally involved the alleged payment of royalties exacerbated by Apple to use Qualcomm components in their devices.

Will it all end in pizza?

On a related note, it is possible that Qualcomm and Apple forget the present hurts to start thinking about the future. According to DigiTimes, 5G technology modems that should equip future iPhones to bring work closer between the two companies, as it would be too risky for Apple to bet on a new company (such as MediaTek) or rely on Intel (which faced problems developing these modems). ) Meanwhile, Qualcomm already has a chip solution with this technology and a very strong presence in many countries.

Still, sources in Apple's supply chain said it was too early to say whether or not Apple would resume a major adoption of Qualcomm chips. We will only know with time and with the beginning of the production of 5G compatible iPhones that, by the way, Apple has already been authorized to test.

via AppleInsider