Qualcomm to Apple: “Want a 5G modem? Just call me! ”

Apple and Qualcomm they are fighting in various courts across the globe. But do you know that "bad with her, worse without her" maxim? Well, it seems the saying goes for both.

Cristiano Amon, President of QualcommCristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm

From Apple, there are several reports that the partnership with Intel is not going well because of the chip maker's difficulties in creating a 5G modem of respect; On the Qualcomm side, well, no one wants to lose an Apple-sized customer yet another contract with such a large expressiveness.

Knowing that Ma's snooker pool is in, Cristiano Amon (Qualcomm's president) said yesterday (4/4, Thursday) that his company would be happy to consider working with Apple on its technology plans. 5G if reported difficulties in bringing a product to market continue, as reported by the Axios.

Here's the executive's line: “We're still in San Diego, they have our phone number. If they call, we will support them. Amon also said that while unable to comment on what Apple is doing, "the longer a company waits to launch a 5G product, the greater the challenge for them."

As much as Apple is working to develop its own modem in-house, it will probably only be ready if all goes well by 2021. By then, Qualcomm knows that it can make a big profit if companies can get it back because it already has modems. that support 5G technology ready for use by manufacturers.

The question is whether Apple is willing to negotiate with a company that is its enemy in court. It should be noted that if this happens, it will not be the first time: Apple and Samsung starred in one of the biggest legal clashes ever seen in the technology market and yet the South Korean (another division of the company, true, but still a Samsung group company) has continued to supply and continues to this day components for iPhones.

via AppleInsider