Qualcomm QCS400: new processor series enhances sound and music system

Qualcomm QCS400 series focuses on sound but has several connectivity and interface features

Qualcomm's news in the sound and music segment were announced last Tuesday (19), in San Diego. The company responsible for the most famous mobile processor on the market announced the new platform for SoCs Qualcomm QCS400, facing speakers, and the chip CSRA6640 with technology Qualcomm DDFA.

Improvement in the sound and music segment

New SoC for speakers

The company launched the Qualcomm QCS400 series, the new SoCs for speakers. Basically, the Qualcomm QCS400 It is a dedicated audio processing chip that, combining audio advances, connectivity and display, is designed to meet the needs of smart speakers.

Qualcomm newsQCS400, the new SoC platform for speakers. Image: notebookcheck.net

THE Qualcomm promises to offer audio experiences premium for homes. That is, the goal is for the user to enjoy superior quality audio in any environment.

To this end, the series has unique high-performance computing resources and helps provide highly optimized solutions, featuring Artificial Intelligence, designed for smarter audio applications, and the Internet of Things.

"The next generation of intelligent audio products must be robust, highly interoperable, feature-rich and intelligent, in addition to being very energy efficient."

Rahul Patel, vice president of Qualcomm Technologies

For those who use smart speakers, the platform Qualcomm QCS400 supports a more robust experience with the voice assistant, with a faster and smarter interface. This happens even in noisy environments. Thus, it makes it easier for manufacturers to overcome the technical challenges of building smarter speakers and assistants with a more intuitive voice interface.

The platform SoCs Qualcomm QCS400 come up with the latest advances in Dolby in sound technology, the Dolby Atmos it was designed to offer impressive clarity, richness, detail and depth. This feature helps to bring consumers into history and action as the sounds of people, places, things and music come to life.

Key features of the Qualcomm QCS400 series

Highly integrated, yet flexible, single chip architecture: how Qualcomm AI Engine, Dual DSPs and up to four processor cores, designed specifically for audio applications and designed to provide better power efficiency, performance improvements and flexibility for advanced feature innovation.

Integrated connectivity: Wi-Fi and support Bluetooth industry leaders for Qualcomm aptX Adaptive, designed to provide streaming low-latency audio in the room or throughout the house and highly synchronized audio and visual content for a superior entertainment experience.

The coexistence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee was designed to allow control of virtually all types of smart home devices.

Qualcomm improves sound and music system with new processors

immersive audio: with up to 32 channels of integrated audio processing, support for immersive audio Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, as well as compatibility with amplifier technology Qualcomm DDFA aptX audio.

Enhanced voice interface: using distant field voice, multichannel echo cancellation and multi-word detection algorithms (Qualcomm Voice Assist), products built on SoCs Qualcomm QCS400 can capture voice commands even during large volumes of audio playback.

AI Engine: To meet the growing demands of audio processing, SoCs Qualcomm QCS400 support the Qualcomm AI Engine to allow high performance acceleration and energy efficiency, including a quad-core CPU, Qualcomm Adreno and Qualcomm Hexagon DSP with Hexagon Vector eXtentions.

Qualcomm improves sound and music system with new processorsQualcomm AI Engine components (Image: Android Authority)

O AI Engine supports numerous neural network structures, including Tensorflow, PyTorch and ONNX, as well as Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for the easy execution of AI algorithms on the device. This allows smart speaker manufacturers to provide a variety of robust features for enhanced voice interface.

Reduced development time: specifically designed to provide support with reduced development time and cost, the new chipsets will be available at various levels with a common architecture, allowing implementation across multiple product lines to better utilize development resources.

In addition, to help streamline the process of developing a smart speaker, the company also announced the Qualcomm Smart Audio Platform 400, available as a comprehensive and customizable development kit, created based on SoCs of Qualcomm QCS400.

THE Qualcomm Smart Audio Platform 400 specifically designed to help reduce the material cost and development time associated with creating next generation smart speakers.

Chip with Qualcomm DDFA technology

The CSRA6640 is the new chip integrated with a sound amplifier solution from Qualcomm. Such a chip helps to have a clear and powerful sound for a variety of speakers. In addition, it makes Class D amplifiers more commercially viable in smaller formats. Thus, manufacturers can create portable and efficient speakers, offering higher audio quality.

Qualcomm newsCSRA6640: new integrated chip from Qualcomm. Image: audioxpress

The fact that these smaller, more efficient speakers can be manufactured contributes to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) “Original equipment manufacturer”, in Portuguese, can contribute to improve the amplification capacity in more compact and economical devices.

Still, for the development of its products, the Qualcomm found that most audio consumers, when shopping for headphones and speakers, tend to consider sound quality as the most important factor.