Qualcomm launches optimization app to supercharge your Android!

If you suspect that there is a vampire app on your Android phone using tons of RAM, sucking up your battery or wasting your precious data pack, on theme! Qualcomm has just become your best friend.

The famous processor manufacturer launched an app called Trepn Profiler that solves all these problems and more!

android cpu frequency
Monitor your Android performance in real time with Trepn Profiler.


Trepn Profiler is compatible with any Android smartphone, but obviously works best on devices equipped with a Qualcomm chip.

Trepn Profiler shows in real time the load of each CPU core, an overview of data and Wi-Fi traffic, GPU loads and RAM usage.

It can also create specific profiles for an app or system, and contain various methods for displaying accumulated data.

You can save your conference information.

offline and even performance analysis on active apps.

AndroidPIT Trepn Profiler main menu overlay
The main menu (left) shows great options, and the overlay (right) looks perfect. / ANDROIDPIT

Trepn Profiler
Install on Google Play

You can also configure menus of battery-intensive apps by going to Settings> Battery.

In Settings> Apps (or App Manager) you monitor RAM usage, and in Process Stats, in developer options, you find many other very useful options.

AndroidPIT Trepn Profiler performance graph app profiler
Real-time CPU usage with individual cores (left) and individualized app options (right). / ANDROIDPIT

What's your favorite app for monitoring and optimizing your Android performance?

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