Qualcomm CEO talks about deal with Apple, but doesn't expose values

Suddenly, no more than suddenly, the soap opera ended in front of our eyes: shortly after the commencement of the trial of one of its legal disputes in San Diego (California, USA), Apple and Qualcomm They settled their differences out of court and announced an agreement that effectively ends all the processes going on between the two companies around the world.

The event has already sparked worldwide reflections, such as Intel's unwillingness to manufacture 5G modems for mobile devices (which may have been both cause and consequence of the deal). Now, Qualcomm's CEO, Steve Mollenkopf, shared a few words about reconciliation with the CNBC.

He called Apple and Qualcomm "two major product companies" and said that because of this, "it is only natural that they work together and want to work together." Nevertheless, Mollenkopf did not disclose the terms of the agreement between the companies nor possible amounts disbursed by either side.

As it turns out, even without revealing figures, Qualcomm seems to have topped the dried meat in this deal: the company has been operating high on NASDAQ since yesterday, with stock prices rising about 11% at this time.

For those who speak English (or Google Translate), it is also worth reading this text from SemiAccurate Exposing the reasons why Apple seems to have accepted the deal basically, in the opinion of journalist Charlie Demerijan, the company found itself in a situation where it would be very difficult to emerge victorious, with various indications of misconduct on its side, and certainly needed to pass. a very heavy check (former) rival.

Returning to Mollenkopf, the CEO added that, at this time, the focus on both companies "is how to get back to working together at maximum strength as quickly as possible." According to him, “there are many opportunities” now that the problem is solved and he hopes Qualcomm can do even more.

In fact, with the clear path to providing Apple 5G modems, the microchip giant is expected to haul even larger flights than it has ever reached.

via 9to5Mac

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