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Qualcomm CEO reaffirms that dispute with Apple is near the end

Of the two, one: or the CEO of Qualcomm, Steve Mollenkopf, is raising the white flag in the process between the company and Apple or whoever informed that Ma was not willing to talk to the chip maker wanted to add more fuel to this fire.

There is no way of knowing which of these options is the most likely, but the fact that the San Diego company executive has reiterated that a resolution of the legal battle with Apple is close, in an interview for the program "Mad Money", as disclosed by CNBC.

We have always talked about I have been very consistent that in the second half of this year and at the beginning of the next year when we are close to finding a solution and we see nothing different than that.

Mollenkopf attributed the comings and goings with Ma to "activities that are consistent with the fourth half of the game, not the first" (probably referring to a basketball game or something like that). The CEO said Qualcomm and Apple are still "talking like companies" and that the chip maker would love to work with Apple again, with an emphasis on producing 5G modems for the next iPhones.

As we said, Mollenkopf had already commented that an imbroglio solution with Apple would be possible outside the courts and that companies were talking about a decision. It is possible that the executive is trying to create a good public relationship for Qualcomm, but we will only know how this battle will be resolved over time.

In addition to the legal dispute with Apple, Qualcomm is also in the middle of a lawsuit with Apple Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in which the company was forced to license some of its patents related to the production of modems to competitors, such as Intel.

via 9to5Mac