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Qualcomm calls for production and sale of iPhones banned in China

If you think the fight between Qualcomm and the Apple already gave what he had to give, sit down to hear this news: the chip maker allegedly filed a lawsuit against Ma in China in order to prevent the sale and manufacture of iPhones in the country, as told by Bloomberg.

Documents filed with the Beijing intellectual property court on September 29 show that Qualcomm complained of an alleged patent infringement and filed for injunctive relief.

The legal bullshit must have really upset the manufacturer, as a spokesman came to pronounce on the new venture, saying "Apple uses technologies created by Qualcomm without paying for them." He would be referring to three key patents covering power management and technology 3D touch, used on the screens of iPhones 6s and higher.

Qualcomm iPhone 7

Companies have been in this business for a long time, with numerous lawsuits in progress; At least two have had a happy ending for Apple. However, most of the disputes were mainly monopoly charges and inflated rates of royalties made by Ma against Qualcomm.

Perhaps with a “bloodlust”, the chipmaker has countered with several allegations of patent infringement and this one is no different; however, the call to ban the manufacture and sale of Apple smartphones could incur incalculable damage if met. That is, considering that China is where most of the components of iPhones are manufactured and where the device itself is assembled, imagine the massive damage it would be.

For those who thought the soap opera was ending, it seems that this story will still give a lot of cloth for manga.

via 9to5Mac