Qualcomm Announces Vision Intelligence Platform, New Dedicated IoT Chips

THE Qualcomm announced the Vision Intelligence Platform, its new line of chips for Internet of Things (IoT). The new chipsets QCS605 and QCS603 They are suitable for equipment that requires large image processing, such as security cameras, steel cameras and robotic solutions. With native 4K support, chip capabilities include fast processing of low-light environments, image stabilization, and multi-sensor system integration such as 360 cameras.

Qualcomm's new chips are made especially for IoT

Vision Intelligence Platform is the company's first family of system chips (SoCs), and uses technology FinFET in 10nm in the manufacturing process. New products support machine learning and promise to offer thermal efficiency. SoCs integrate Qualcomm's most advanced image signal processor (ISP) and the company's Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, all with heterogeneous computing architecture including ARM-based multicore CPU, vector processor, and GPU.

The platform also includes Qualcomm camera processing software, machine learning and computer vision software development kits (SDKs) as well as connectivity and security technologies. The chips are also optimized to support future intelligent security cameras for both industry and consumers. Vision Intelligence Platform can also be used in sports cameras, wearable cameras, 360 and 180 virtual reality (VR) cameras and robotics, for example.

Platform focuses on smart cameras, robots and Smart Home

Qualcomm's goal is to promote technology for smart devices and camera processing.

Artificial Intelligence is already enabling cameras for object detection, tracking, face recognition, autonomous obstacle avoidance robots and action cameras, that's just the beginningSays Joseph Bousaba, vice president of IoT and product management at Qualcomm.

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