Qualcomm and Microsoft Announce IoT-Focused Partnership

The technology companies Qualcomm and Microsoft announced the creation of a partnership to facilitate the creation of Internet of Things (IoT).

The main fruit of the business will be the development kit. Vision AI, which promises to help consumers and developers develop solutions such as home and corporate security cameras or connected home appliances such as refrigerators or coffee makers as long as they have functions that benefit from using cameras.

To achieve this, the kit combines hardware and software solutions along with integration with exclusive services from Microsoft, as Azure Machine Learning and Azure IoT Edge. This will make it possible to train the systems in the cloud and then deploy them directly to the end product.

Combining these capabilities with the platform Qualcomm Visual Intelligence, companies promise that it will be easier to implement artificial intelligence (AI) features such as "computer vision".

The function allows small cameras to recognize objects and perform actions relevant to their context. For example, a drone may see a broken pipe and automatically notify the maintenance service to create a service order to repair it.

The Vision AI development kit will be available later in 2018.

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