Beginning of the end? Apple v. Case Trial Qualcomm starts today

Qualcomm accuses Apple of handing industrial secrets to Intel

More news in one of the biggest technological legal disputes of the moment: yes, I speak of the case Apple vs. Qualcomm. This week, Qualcomm said it had evidence that Apple made improper use of its technology to help Intel to develop a more competitive modem.

Although the discovery is underway, it is clear that Apple's conduct went far beyond simply breaching the contract that was the cause of the lawsuit. In fact, it now appears that Apple has engaged in a long campaign of false promises, stealth and subterfuge in order to steal Qualcomm's confidential information and trade secrets in order to improve the performance of low-quality modem chipsets, with the aim of end of eliminating Qualcomm's business with Apple.

Until then, Qualcomm suspected this but still had no evidence; now, she said she can prove everything. How? In new documents Qualcomm said that, at Apple's request, it allowed it to have access to many of the chipset's building software and tools, all with strict limitations on how that information could be used. And instead of just using them to improve the performance and performance of Qualcomm's chips, Apple would have studied how it all works to help Intel create better modems.

With the launch of the XS and XS Max iPhones, Apple has stopped using Qualcomm's modems and its demand is being met 100% by Intel as Qualcomm itself has already advanced.

Now, it will be up to the judge responsible for the case to allow whether Qualcomm can update the judicial order to include these new claims. If the change is allowed, it could delay the trial that is scheduled for April 2019.

The fight between the companies involves breach of contract, patent violations, antitrust cases and more both in American courts and in the International Trade Commission, in China and other countries.

via Axios