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[Quadrinhos] How about if Browsers were Celebrities?

In this funny comic-book-based Next Round graphic, celebrities are compared to the most popular browsers they best represent. From the time-consuming Internet Explorer to the shiny new Chrome, who do you think would best represent these browsers in an international advertising campaign?

Personally, I'd rather spend a day with Christopher Nolan than Morgan Freeman, but I'd love to hang out with J-Lo even more than any of them, which is weird because I like Chrome and Firefox better than Opera. J, the hilarious Betty White, so clearly too cool to impersonate Internet Explorer. I confess I have never heard of Flock or IceWeasel, but obviously they are striving to be fashionable as they are represented by Kristin Schaal and Michael Cera !!

On my Android, I prefer Chrome or the mobile browser. Chrome is really dominating my life and what browser do you use on your Android?

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