Qardio launches new smart scale with improvements in its design and features

THE Qardio, a company focused on healthcare solutions, today announced the second generation of its smart scale with some external and internal improvements.

THE QardioBase 2 it has a very beautiful and simple design. It is 23mm high, 340mm wide and its base is slightly larger than the first generation, which allows greater user stability.

The scale measures your weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) and total body composition (body fat, muscle mass, water and bone mass). You can choose to display units in kilograms (kg), pounds (lb) or stones (st).

QardioBase 2

It connects via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and allows you to access all data collected in the QardioApp application, available on Amazon (for Kindle), on Google Play (for Android 4.0 or higher) and, of course, on the App Store ( iOS 8.0 or higher), being compatible with the Health app (Health) from Apple. The scale is also compatible with Android Wear and Apple Watch.

Through the app, it is possible for you to set goals and other information that will assist you in the process of maintaining good health. There are basically four modes of operation on the scale: “Normal”, “Weight Only” (weight only, for those with pacemakers), “Smart Feedback” (in which you see three types of faces – sad, happy or indifferent – that react to your progress) and “Pregnacy Mode” (customized for the weekly progress of moms on duty).

This new version of the scale also has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 months without having to connect to the outlet. It also has haptic feedback to vibrate once the weight is calculated, which helps even those with vision problems.

QardioBase 2 is available on the manufacturer’s official website for $ 150. It is sold in two colors, Arctic White (white) or Volcanic Black (black).

Heart health Qardio app icon

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