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Puzzles for Children | AndroidPIT

Many Android games are made exclusively for the adult audience. Today we decided, however, to analyze a game aimed at children. Little kids will find in Puzzle for Children the ideal game to stimulate their logic, memory and coordination skills. Of course, the game is nonetheless fun. To learn more about this puzzle, keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.2Root: NoMods: None

Child Puzzle uses a command system based on symbols and icons, making it potentially accessible even to children who have not yet learned to read. You can choose from several puzzle formats, large or small. Formats range from 2×2 and 3×3 to 15, 24 or 50 pieces.

The next step is to choose a figure to use as a base and then create the shape of the parts and frame. With the right button, after starting the game, it is possible to revise the base figure. The left button is used to disable the sound effects of the game.


Puzzle for Kids is a very linear game and is really designed for the youngest users. This means that the game does not have many options, which in this case is an advantage, since it was designed for children. Undoubtedly a guarantee of fun for the little ones.

Screen & Controls

The Children's Puzzle is entirely dedicated to children. All menus and instructions in the game are understandable through symbols and images and testing is almost not part of the application. The all-small graphic is very suitable for tablets. One drawback is, perhaps, the fact that in some situations the screen is very full of information. Simplicity is often better.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Child Puzzle worked perfectly during our tests and did not give any problems.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Children's Puzzle can be downloaded from our App Center and costs 1.49 or $ 1.88. The price is not bad, as its quality is the best. What could be more were images for the puzzle database.