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Puzzle style game is (re) released, come meet Rolando: Royal Edition

Do you know that feeling of playing something classic, like Mario in a Super Nintendo? Or maybe a little recent: get excited about the release of Pokmon GO thinking about the times of GameBoy? Today a game has resurfaced with a more modern version: Rolling: Royal Edition.

If you didn't have an iPhone (or an iPod touch) a decade ago, you may not have known the game that was rated one of the best for iOS at the time; one of the main reasons was the use of the accelerometer in an experiment entirely touch screen.

Ten years later, we have a revamped game with new challenges, amazingly well-designed graphics, and fun and smart gameplay. Take a look at the trailer:

Not bad comparing first verse of 2008 in the same?

Developer HandCircus got it right, keeping the same experience with growing challenges that make you think about the best way to solve a puzzle. There are so many possibilities that Rolando is not that game you play fast except in the early stages, perhaps.

The award-winning iPhone classic is back and better than ever! This brand new “Royal Edition” a completely remastered Rolando all interactions, routes, flowers, trampolines, bombs, catapults and squirrels received a complete redesign, making this the most stunning version of all!

If you do not understand yet: in the game you one (or more) Rolling out, guess what, rolling as the phone tilts sideways. The tricky thing is when you have at least five Rolandos to control at one time. All this to defend the kingdom, which was invaded by dark creatures.

Rolando Royal Edition - Screenshot

It's a beautiful game to watch, which makes you want to just look and admiringly admire the whole 3D scenario. Obviously, this also enchants children, further assisting in the interpretation of obstacles and puzzle solving.

The not so friendly part that the game has not yet been translated into Portuguese, but the Handcircus already informed the to add our language soon based on his popularity here. Even so, the game has intuitive and self-explanatory tutorials.

Check out some highlights of the game:

  • Each Rolando offers you a different way of playing!
  • Reach the world to help your Rolandos lift them into elevators, drop bombs to clear their path and throw them through catapult chasms.
  • Four Worlds: From rogue puzzles to action-packed platforms, a huge variety of challenges all in a world filled with fauna and flora, so charming you'll want to move on!
  • Soundtrack by critically acclaimed producer and DJ Mr. Scruff.

Rolando Royal Edition - Screenshot 2

For all the game offers, besides not having internal purchases, it is not free, but I believe you will agree with me that it is an acceptable value. Good miscellaneous!

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