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Put the macOS Dock on the Touch Bar and get more space on your screen.

Do you have one MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? No v taaanta usefulness in the touch-sensitive bar? And if I say that there is a utility that can put the Dock (that bar where the macOS application cones are) on it? We already talked about Rocket, which does it; now another option has emerged, the Pock.

Pock Utility

The great thing about Pock is that in addition to being able to put the Dock on the Touch Bar, you can also view the songs or whatever else you're playing (like podcasts) right now.

There is also one widget (to show the date / time, the connected Wi-Fi network, or how your MacBook Pro battery is), and a widget Control Center (by which you can control screen brightness and speaker volume) and, of course, keep the Esc key always there, available.

Why use something like this? If you want more space on your screen, you can hide the Dock by going to Dock System Preferences and activating the option “Hide and show Dock automatically”.

Pock Utility

Pock also allows you to customize the order of widgets It's not good, leaving everything the way you use / like it the most. The free utility but you can help the developer by making a simple donation through PayPal.

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