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Puma announces Fit Inteligence tennis that adapts to p and "ties itself" to 2020

THE Puma presented his new concept of "tie himself" tennis, the Fi, or Fit Inteligence. These shoes are for light training and if adapt to user foot, with internal wires that are pulled by a micromotor. Fi can be controlled via the app Pumatrack Available on smartwatch and smartphones.

To make the shoe fit the foot, it is necessary to touch the top where the tongue is, so that the blue threads inside the shoe will be pulled by a micromotor until it fits the foot of the user. Control can be changed using the app, but the goal is to learn the needs so that a more hands-on experience is used.


The tennis shoe has no shoelaces and cost US $ 350

Puma had already launched a similar model in 2016, but the value was very high. The Fi announcement came shortly after Nike announced its own "Back to the Future" sneaker. This verse will be available for beta users knowledgeable about technology and are interested in giving product feedback so that the company can make the concept accessible to everyone with an interest.

Some features that were expected are not present, he don't have any tracking features as step and calorie count. It may be that the company's choice not to attach these other factors was to make the cost less expensive or it was thought to be used in combination with other health applications available on most smart phones.

They can be charged by a keyboard of Qi wireless charging and the autonomy up to five days. They should be used for training and light running, not suitable for high performance athletes.

The Fi will hit the market in 2020 and the marketed value is of $ 330, which is $ 20 cheaper than the 2016 version, in direct conversion, with the current quotation of the currency and without taxes, the value about R $ 1209.

Via: The Verge. [TagsToTranslate] cougar