Publishers complain of favoritism and problems with Apple News +

Among Ma's new services announced last month, the Apple News + It is the only one that is available to users (in the United States and Canada, that is). Despite the initial euphoria, however, the platform is already the target of criticism and questioning by a very important group for the service: the editors themselves.

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According to a publication by Digiday, some publishers who joined Apple News + are dissatisfied with the launch of the service and complained about a number of issues, including difficulties with article formatting on the platform, confusing design, failed user experience, among others.

But another major complaint is not related to the intrinsic characteristics of the service, but to the behavior of Apple itself, which would be favoring great publishers at the expense of other smaller publications.

According to the complainants, all publishers participating in Apple News + have received an email to contact representatives of the giant Cupertino. However, a select group of participants were invited to a private Slack channel through which they could connect with Apple more directly.

As you can imagine, the group of publishers who have no such direct contact with Apple was not at all happy about this possible "difference in treatment." One of these anonymous editors said Apple "is playing with favoritism."

The report also points out that Apple has refrained from providing article templates to publishers. Although Ma has given publishers a degree of freedom in the creation and design of their articles, it has outsourced the problem of layout and content for other companies, which left a lot to be desired, according to the editors.

In addition, several editors have complained about the lack of tools to digitize their content according to Apple's requirements. In many cases, digital magazines and newspapers are basically a conversion of what is done in print, and this depends on some services that convert text and advertisements individually.

In this sense, smaller magazine publishers, who can't afford to transfer their products to the service, are considering an unfavorable set of options: investing in design and development features to create something beautiful without knowing if there is a public to enjoy it. ; use an established template that makes your content exactly the same as dozens of other publishers; Or even work with PDF and hope that the different user experience won't cost you readers.

Based on all complaints, the Digiday He noted that the early problems plaguing Apple News + “do not bode well for its long-term future unless Apple adapts its approach,” he also noted. Gizmodowho made a review (not so positive) from the newly launched magazine platform.

We'll still see if these issues turn out to be big enough to affect Apple's service. However, if the formatting headaches continue, Apple News + is likely to be another platform for collecting scanned PDFs that is definitely not worth $ 10. charged monthly for your subscription.

via Cult of Mac