Psystar suspends software sales to install Mac OS X on PCs

Until the justice clarifies Psystar's situation regarding the legality of the Rebel EFI, created to facilitate the illegal installation of Mac OS X on PCs, she decided to suspend sales of the product during the last update of her website, which came back online recently after of a few days when he was unavailable. As she is no longer able to sell machines with the Apple system, she also announced that she will be offering them again with Linux, chosen by users.

For the determination of fairness, Psystar should do this by Thursday (31/12). No reference to Mac OS X should be present in its online store, but Psystar guarantees that the machines sold will remain compatible with it for those interested in installing it through other means. Although his business linked to the Apple system has been brought down, it will not be easy to do the same with the various projects that exist on the internet related to this.

Although the Rebel EFI is not for sale by Psystar, it is giving away the free product to anyone who is interested in making a donation of $ 50 or more in their online store to sell donations something strange, but beauty. A special T-shirt (pictured above) is also being sold, with a suggestive phrase about the outcome of his lawsuit against Apple.

(via Macworld)