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Psystar may be working on its own netbook


Psystar may be working on a product that Apple has so far refused to produce: a netbook running Mac OS X. Rumors that it has been working on a MacBook clone since October last year, a project supported by PearC, another company in the same industry in Germany.

We’ve already published an Apple operating system compatibility table with various products available on the market, but they require the Hackintosh done, which involves purchasing a version of Mac OS X with a patch special (usually downloaded illegally from the internet) and perform step-by-step instructions to transform a Windows or Linux netbook into one that runs Mac OS X.

The main difference, in a Psystar solution, would be precisely this: the person would acquire a machine fully prepared for the Ma system, already installed and configured. The price paid could be a little higher than doing all this on your own, but that netbook would certainly be cheaper than one officially launched by the guys from Cupertino.

If the rumor materializes, Psystar will further increase Apple's cold in US courts. Not for nothing, no, but at the end of the day I'm actually enjoying watching this fight. The clone maker has already shown that it is not “anybody” and will not surrender easily in this dispute.

(Via: MacRumors.)