Apple responds to Psystar's appeal over lawsuit against Mac clones

Psystar lawyer denies disclosure of legal secrets

A Psystar lawyer was recently cut to file an alleged response to the accusation of leaking information about his client's case with Apple, as reported by Computerworld. Charles Nesson, the alleged professor at Harvard University who reportedly received details of the case, posted on his blog a few weeks ago the result of an email exchange between the clone maker's lawyer and its CEO, Rudy Pedraza.

Psystar fight Apple

The discussion, which involved details about a visit to Cupertino's headquarters at Psystar, is not only proof that it would be leaking confidential information from the process, but also cause for concern, as Apple should expose some information that is usually kept secret from everyone to the clone maker. The fear that this may become so public that Apple is even giving up any chance of being compensated.

To circumvent this accusation, Psystar's lawyer decided to play again with the testimony of Phil Schiller (vice president of Apple), which the company insists on considering invalid, thinking he was unprepared to answer the questions asked. "The accusation that I violated the protective order in some way is nothing more than an attempt to confuse the court of Apple's total failure to testify to a commercial representative about damages," he said.

However, this claim by Psystar was not very consistent and should not convince Judge William Alsup, who is conducting the case in the state of California (United States). If Apple is concerned about releasing confidential details of its business to a company that already accuses it of selling Mac OS X illegally on ordinary machines, the clone maker's blunder should favor it.