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Psystar denies hiding anything from Apple and calls blogosphere "radical"

Psystar responded to the accusations made by Apple five days ago, denying that it was keeping or hiding any information from the court and ensuring that it filed all mandatory documents. According to her, the Cupertino firm is not complying with past agreements.

"Apple's registration serves nothing more than to stir up the rather radical blogosphere for new details in this litigation or to generate unnecessary expense for Psystar," suggested Colby Springer, a lawyer for the Mac clone maker. "Such an accusation, in this case, is inappropriate."

Psystar HQ

The company claims that it did not produce financial profit / loss, balance and other documents simply because they do not exist. Instead, Psystar said it sent pre-created financial approvals to process payments like Gravity Payments.

Most of the transactions, explains CEO Rudy Pedraza, were made only electronically, that is, Psystar does not have printed copies of receipts and / or invoices. The problem is that they say, in the same document, that some papers would have been lost in a change of company headquarters. Now, do they exist or not ?!

Psystar struck me as somewhat contradictory this time. We will see what Judge William Alsup says.

(Via: World of Apple.)