Psystar accuses Phil Schiller of testifying to justice “unprepared”

Psystar accuses Phil Schiller of testifying to justice “unprepared”

Phil Schiller's testimony on the Apple vs. Psystar (given last week) was not very pleased with the clone maker, who made a formal complaint in court alleging the executive's lack of preparation and indisposition to speak. His statement should clarify how selling Mac OS X on machines other than Macs affected Apple.

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She does not specify moments in Schiller's testimony when the accusation is proven, but asks Apple to prepare him to testify, send the executive to continue his statement and pay damages due to his conduct. In a separate statement, Psystar also described the process it uses to boot Mac OS X on the PCs it manufactures.

In another note on the matter, Apple says the request "is nothing more than an effort to cause discomfort to one of our top executives," and asks the court to deny them for the lack of consistency in the prosecution. A separate statement also served to make it clear that the Mac OS X developer will not seek compensation against Psystar, should the lawsuit look favorable.

In return, they were asked to keep detailed information about Apple's finances, which, according to their lawyers, should be kept for whoever is convenient to them. Today, the company's head of hardware technology, Bob Mansfield, one of the executives being heard by the courts.

(Via: Computerworld.)