PSN trophies that turn into credits and Watch Dogs for free

Presentes gamers: Troféus da PSN que viram créditos e Watch Dogs de graça

Now your trophies can earn credits on the PS Store and one of the best games of 2014, Watch Dogs, is totally free.

The gamers received two great news earlier this week. And the best thing is that both involve only exclusive benefits!

The first novelty involves the famous trophies of PSN, the achievements that players can obtain in games and that, until now, have only served for the user to be able to display on their profile. The second deals with a surprise that the Ubisoft created for PC users that November.

Achievements = Money

In the United States, Sony is implementing a new incentive for trophy hunters (who would have thought that obtaining achievements would ever be important besides looking good in your profile, right?): now you can receive credits from PSN on merit. The Sony Rewards system now allows players to record their achievements for cash. Thus, each type of trophy yields:

  • 100 silver trophies: 100 points
  • 25 gold trophies: 250 points
  • 10 platinum trophies: 1,000 points

Gamers gifts: PSN trophies that turn into credits and Watch Dogs for free

The amount received is not high – 1,000 points yield $ 10 credit. This means that it would take a while to be able to afford an AAA game, for example. However, at least some good games indies the user can get during the promotions of PS Store with that accumulated credit.

For now, the system Sony Rewards it is valid only for the United States or for users who have an American account. So other territories may not receive the same benefit.

Who doesn’t like a free game?

Following its tradition of offering a game totally free to users of its PC service, the Ubisoft Club, a Ubisoft announced that it will make the game available for free Watch Dogs on its PC gaming platform, the Uplay. The offer will be available from 14h (BrasĂ­lia) this Tuesday (7) until November 13 at the same time.

To guarantee your copy, just go to the official website and access or create your account Uplay. This way, the game will be linked to your profile and you can play it whenever you want through the platform from day 7. The game was originally released in 2014 for PC, Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U.

Gamers gifts: PSN trophies that turn into credits and Watch Dogs for free

Despite some controversies related to what was presented to the public and the final product, Watch Dogs is an interesting adventure through the city of Chicago. In the game we control Aiden Pearce, a hacker who acts as a vigilante acting outside the law to seek justice for the death of his niece and expose the dark activities of Blume Corporation.