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Protoxide: Death Race | AndroidPIT

The Protoxide: Death Race is a smartphone racing game that stems from the great tradition of the genre, unveiled on the big screen with Star Wars. Here, spaceships challenged themselves in crazy races through circuits of utmost difficulty. The same thing that happens, so many years later, with Protoxide. If you want to be lost in the future scenarios this app offers, then we suggest you continue reading our review about it.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.2.1Root: NoMods: None

Size: approx. 70 MB

Optimized for ICS and Jelly Bean: Yes

The Protoxide: Death Race set in an apocalyptic future in which cities are under the command of criminal gangs and where the law of the strongest is in force. Conflicts are regulated with a rush of death. Give the app name take Death Race as a subtitle. When starting the app, the first thing to do choose an avatar. Protoxide comes with three game modes:

  • Individual race
  • Campaign
  • Multiplayer

In Campaign mode you will have to defeat during the races a progressive number of enemies and the boos. Not to mention that each race has missions to complete. The plot of the game is explained during comic book races.

As for the races, the goal comes first in the Campaign, while in infinite mode it will be necessary to defeat a number of enemies before the opponents do. Who wants to train a little before playing in real races, just use the game tutorial for that. After unlocking all 16 strokes, it becomes possible to challenge opponents to know which one is the best.

Multiplayer mode can be played over WiFi and is based on the AllJoyn platform. The player can sign up for YourCraft and take part in team races. What draws attention here are the rich paths of special objects and power ups. These consist of munitions, missiles, speed increments or shields.

Deciding on the right power-up can in many cases determine victory or defeat on certain strokes, as each stroke requires a particular strategy to beat certain opponents.


The Protoxide: Death Race impressed us greatly, either for its concept or for its quality. The various game modes guarantee a long game life. The Campaign modality could be a little more varied. Nevertheless, this game is still a great choice for those who like racing games installed on the smartphone.

Screen & Controls

The Protoxide: Death Race was not designed with a state-of-the-art graphic, but its aesthetics are very interesting in that they are detailed and functional. The commands, which seem complex at first, after a couple of runs are easy to master. The best the app allows the customization of the controls.

Speed ​​& Stability

Protoxide: Death Race worked very well during the testing period. Even in situations where the app is restarted in the middle of an interrupted match, its fluidity remains.

Price / Performance Ratio

Protoxide: Death Race can be purchased for only $ 0.70 or $ 1.81 on Google Play. A totally acceptable price for such an interesting game.