Aplicativos de pagamento para Android

Pros and Cons of Payment Apps

Before you start using an app to manage your accounts, check out the pros and cons that these services may contain.

Becoming increasingly common among online shoppers, payment applications are presented to consumers as a safe option to use traditional cards or slips. There are numerous online services that accept digital payments as a form of payment, including games and betting, for example.

Android payment apps Is it really possible to make a secure payment with AstroPay, PicPay, Google Pay, Love Digital and the like? What's more, can you use them in the offline world efficiently? To learn more about the main advantages and disadvantages of paying using payment applications, continue with us and find out.

Pr: I do not need to do numerous entries

One of the main complaints of online shoppers is usually the need to enter or register your credit card details in each store you wish to place an order.

In addition to the bureaucracy required to register, care must be taken and attention to the expiration date of the cards, which need to be updated from time to time. It is also worth mentioning that before registering your card on any site, I need to check the security certificates to prevent possible fraud.

Therefore, payment applications can be a great option for those who shop at several different online stores, after all, all your bank details are centralized in the application, avoiding the need for multiple sign-ups.

Cons: Many merchants still do not accept payment for apps

If you think you can use your payment applications in all your financial and shopping transactions, you are wrong.

Most merchants have specific partnerships and in most cases, stores are limited to some companies, bank operators and in some cases include payment applications.

Android Apps There are stores or companies that have specific partnerships, such as Vivo, which allows you to recharge prepaid phones directly via PayPal, but only a few Brazilian stores accept payment applications; This is even rarer when it comes to physical stores.

Therefore, if you intend to set aside your wallet and carry out all your financial operations using one application, check which establishments are partners of the program you intend to use and if they have the necessary device to receive, such as QR Code, and so on. Be sure to check on-site if the payment service is available. Thus, you save yourself from inconvenience and headaches.

Pr: They work like a virtual wallet

Most virtual applications, in addition to allowing you to centralize your credit card payments, feature the virtual wallet feature. With it, you can keep amounts deposited as in a checking account and use the balance as a form of payment.

There are applications that allow, in addition to personal deposits and operations, sending and receiving money from customers or friends, using your balance or a credit card to perform the operation. This way, you can, for example, split the bill in a restaurant or make payment much more easily and safely.

Cons: Some apps do not allow you to withdraw the available balance.

Although many applications work as digital wallets, some of them do not have partnerships with Brazilian banks so you can request the redemption of the balance that is available in your account.

This will restrict you to using this amount on purchases or services from companies that accept the app as a payment method or to send to third parties, without having the option to receive cash in hands, as you would with a conventional account.

Before creating an account in a payment application, it is worth checking if it has a partnership with the bank you use and if you can easily make deposits and withdrawals. So you will not be restricted to the virtual world at the moment you perform your financial operations.

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