Promotions of the day on the App Store: Pretzel News, Yeti Pie, Enigmatis 3 and more!

Closing this month of March with our traditional selection of promoes on the App Stores!

Pretzel News app icon

N / ANota on the App Store

My grade

O Pretzel News, created by James Contreras, an interesting tool to keep up with the world's breaking news.

The app uses a proprietary algorithm that identifies what is being searched / featured on the internet and presents it all directly and objectively on your device screen.

The only negative highlight for me is exactly the lack of a location filter similar to what we found on Twitter, for example.

The proposal is still interesting and my recommendation is to take advantage of the promotion as soon as possible! 😉

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Below are other apps / games that together add up to almost $ 52 off:

IOS apps

Yeti Pie app icon

Yeti and pizzas.

LikeSo app icon

Exercise your communication skills.

Solitairica app icon

Cards game.

Alien Shooter - Survive app icon

Finish the aliens.

CALC Swift app icon

One more calculator option.

App for macOS

Enigmatis 3 app icon - The Shadow of Karkhala (Full)


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Enjoy the offers and have a great weekend! Ah, remembering that offers are always for a limited time, so good to run! 😎