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Promotions of the day on the App Store: Convertible, 100 Balls, h Solitaire and more!

Take advantage of our selection of promoes on the App Stores for this thursday!

Convertible: Unit Converter app icon

Nota on the App Store

My grade

O Convertible, developed by the staff of Efecto Pty, plus a good unit converter option.

In addition to the traditional measurements found in any other converter, the app also comes with, say, different medium units like Empire State Height, Saturn Mass, Usain Bolt Speed, etc. At least curious, no? 😛

Gesture-based navigation (dragging and tapping items in a list). Fast access categories are also present, ranging from the traditional imperial and metric systems to the not so common “buildings and structures” and “everyday objects”.

The app has the following types of converts:

  1. Length;
  2. Pasta;
  3. area;
  4. Currency;
  5. Energy;
  6. Volume;
  7. Temperature;
  8. Date;
  9. Time;
  10. Velocity.

What about?

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Below are other apps / games that together add up to almost $ 25 off:

IOS apps

100 Balls app icon

Action game / strategy.

Dictator 2: Evolution app icon

You define the directions.

Alphabet: Letter Confidence app icon

Educational app.

MacOS Apps

H Solitaire app icon

A classic of card games.

KeyKey - Typing Training app icon

Exercise your typing.

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Enjoy the offers and until tomorrow remembering that they are always for a limited time, so good to run! 😀