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Promotion: compete for three promotional codes from the CleanMyMac 2 app! [atualizado]

No, on the April 1 prank we already did ours! Remember the post we made about the beautiful and powerful application CleanMyMac 2, from MacPaw? Arguably it is one of the coolest apps to clean, organize and delete files from your computer.

CleanMyMac 2

If you are interested in it but are not willing to spend $ 20, you may be lucky enough to win a license without having to strain your pocket!

Promotion: compete for 3 (three) promotional codes from the CleanMyMac 2 app!

This promotion will be exclusive for those who follow us on Twitter, on @, and also follow the developer MacPaw, on @MacPaw. If you don't already have an account there, click here and register for free the very simple process. Then start following (follow) both profiles and also make sure you are already registered in our database of promotions.

CleanMyMac 2 cone

To participate, just post the tweet below in your profile until 16-17 hours (for the Brasilia time) on April 5th, next Friday. Attention: o tweet it should look exactly like this (with the same URL!):

I'm competing for three promo codes for CleanMyMac 2, provided by @MacPaw and drawn by @!

Optionally, you can simply click the button below and then confirm the post by clicking "Tweet" (as long as you are already logged into your Twitter account):

Participate button!

Right after the deadline / date, we will draw three promotional codes for CleanMyMac 2 among the participants.

Here are the promotion rules:

  • We will use the system in this promotion. To try to guarantee that we will have at least 3 (three) winners 100% valid, we will draw 15 (fifteen) names.
  • Winners will have up to 3 (three) days to comment, otherwise the next names on the list will be awarded or a new draw will be held (if all have already ended).
  • Remember that the participation of people who are properly registered in our database will be validated.
  • To have your participation validated, follow the instructions above. You need to be following both profiles and have posted the tweet or RT given in the message (both natively and in the old method) as shown above, including the URL and don't worry if Twitter changes it to T.CO automatically.
  • Those who do not have a Twitter account, do not like (or have little time for) the social network or something like that can also participate. Just register there and follow the instructions as presented here, associating your account with a registration in our database.
  • You can post how many tweets you want in your account, but only one is counted by the system. You * won't * increase your chances of winning by doing this.

If you are one of the winners, just download the software through this link (DMG) and, in the menu CleanMyMac 2, choose the option Activate Enter Activation Number. That done, just copy / paste the code that we will send to you and use the app normally.

Good luck to everyone!

Update, by Rafael Fischmann

Draw done, promotion closed! Here are the winners:

(blackbirdpie id = ”320272939318640640 ″)

(blackbirdpie id = ”320272948650987520 ″)

Thanks to everyone who participated and see you next time!