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Promotion: buy 10 macOS apps for 98% off!

The packages (bundles) of applications are great deals. This is because, in most cases, you just need to be interested in a single app that, depending on the final price of the package, the purchase is already worth it. And this is exactly the case with The Mighty Mac Bundle.

There are ten apps (among them famous as CleanMyMac X, CrossOver 18, VPNSecure, Chronicle Pro and MacPilot 10) which together are 98% off for just $ 30.

If you were looking at CleanMyMac X or a VPN service, you have nothing to think about!

Here is a list of all apps and their original prices (outside of bundle):

  • VPNSecure (VPN lifetime subscription for a device): $ 500
  • CrossOver 18 (famous virtualizer): $ 60
  • CleanMyMac X (complete maintenance utility for your Mac): $ 70
  • WALTR 2 (stream media to your iPhone / iPad without iTunes): $ 40
  • Dropshare (share files, screenshots and more): $ 25
  • ActiveDock (alternative to Dock): $ 50
  • Folx Pro Download & Torrent Manager (download manager): $ 30
  • Chronicle Pro (financial manager): $ 20
  • MacPilot 10 (optimize your macOS experience): $ 30
  • The Complete Web Developer Bundle (over 150 hours of development course): $ 990

Enjoy the offer it ends in a few days, so don't even think too much! 😉