MacBook Air

Promotion: a2YOU sells the penultimate generation of the 13 ″ MacBook Air at great prices!

Whenever you paint a good deal involving Apple products out there, we make sure to advertise on the MacMagazine. As Apple prices are not good in our country, most people can only buy a new product when they are on sale or something.

Today’s is unbeatable. THE a2YOU is selling the penultimate generation of 13-inch MacBooks Air at very interesting prices. What has changed from the models launched in 2014 (these on offer) to those launched in 2015? Apple updated the processors (putting the fifth generation of Core i5 and “iPhone 7” chips), the Thunderbolt port (the first generation came out, the second came in), put in faster PCIe flash storage and replaced the 4GB of RAM with 8GB .

MacBook Air

Although it is not the most correct to compare the value of the previous generation with the current one, it is the easiest way for us to see the price difference. So here’s a comparison:

ModelModel Price 2015Model Price 2014Difference
13 ″ MacBook Air (input) R $ 7,019.10 (cash) R $ 5,834.70 (in cash) -16.9%
13 ″ MacBook Air (input) R $ 7,799.00 (term) R $ 6,289.98 (term) -19.3%
13 ″ MacBook Air (top of the line) R $ 8,459.10 (cash) R $ 6,484.03 (in cash) -23.3%
13 ″ MacBook Air (top of the line) R $ 9,399.00 (term) R $ 6,990.00 (term) -25.6%

For those who do not insist on having the latest model of computers (but the one that meets their needs), this is a great opportunity to save money and still purchase a brand new product, with a one year warranty and Brazilian invoice (who travels to the know the importance of having a regular Mac). ?

The promotion is valid both for purchases on the a2YOU website and in physical stores – there are eight spread across Brazil: Shopping Pátio Paulista (São Paulo, SP), Shopping Iguatemi (São Paulo, SP), Shopping Market Place (São Paulo, SP) , Shopping Higienópolis (São Paulo, SP), Shopping Mueller (Curitiba, PR) and Park Shopping Barigui (Curitiba, PR).

Enjoy, as these prices go until Sunday or until stocks are exhausted – whichever comes first!