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Promote your YouTube channel for free on Diolinux

YouTube Channel Marathon involving Linux

The team of Diolinux It will give a very nice opportunity for those who are thinking of starting a YouTube channel to talk about Linux or who already has a channel that involves the system in some way, we will help you to be known by the public, and what better … FREE!

Channel Spread Marathon

We will help you publicize your channel

If there's one thing I'm stuck with is partnerships, this time around we're deliberately trying to help you content creator on YouTube that uses Linux and open content technologies in some way, whatever sector you use.

If you use some Linux distro, some free image editor like GIMP or use some video editor that runs on Linux too, in the end, if you use Linux at some point in producing your videos this marathon for you!


The idea of ​​showing people your channel on a special video in the Diolinux canal Together with other people who sign up for this, the possibility of registration will be open for about a week so that later a video with the registered channels will be posted.

Note: You need to be logged in with your Google account to fill out the form if you can't see it. Enter this address and log in with your account.

Let's make Linux happen in the Brazilian technology scene!


We look forward to your participation, another important thing to share in reaching out to people you know who are doing good work on YouTube and who involve Linux in the project at some level.

See you next time!

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