[Promoção] Which Android app would change your life?



As you can see last week, we received an HTC Magic, one of the first smartphone models equipped with the Android platform to land in Brazil – together with Samsung’s Galaxy. And, while we prepare a review of the device, you, our reader, just won the opportunity to be able to take an Android Phone home.

To participate in the TIM Cultural Contest, simply reply in this post or by email (as many times as you want!) the question: “Which Android app would change your life?“. A judging committee formed by employees from TIM’s Image and Advertising Department will choose the most creative application idea among all participants.

The Android platform, as many already know, was developed by Google and offers developers an environment of great possibilities, from applications aimed at exploring augmented reality, communication, games, entertainment, news and more.

We, at Google Discovery, have explored the subject on several occasions, a great tip for anyone looking for ideas.

Now it’s up to you! Good luck and lots of creativity! =)

* The contest ends on the 22nd and the result comes on the 27th (Regulations).