[Promoção] Dock Station with Speaker and Multiple Dock for iPhone and iPad

[Promoção] Dock Station with Speaker and Multiple Dock for iPhone and iPad

IPhone reader friendsTips, as usual, every week we have a new special promotion together with our partner Megaformiga, bringing great discounts on products of great use for you and your iPhone.

For this week we present two very useful products for you to get even more out of your iGagdet. Have you ever imagined having a multimedia center with all your equipment to be able to listen to music while they are charging?

Multimedia dock iPhone iPad 3

Then get to know this excellent Leadership multiple dock that allows you to connect, at the same time, an iPhone and an iPad, in addition to having a USB port to charge other devices, and even more, another auxiliary audio input. The best? It is coming out with 64% discount, from R $ 249.90 for R $ 87.90.

I want my multiple dock for iPhone and iPad from R $ 249.90 for R $ 87.90.

It’s great for you who like to listen to music at full volume when you get home after work – just dock your iPhone in the dock, open Spotify and release play.

Multimedia dock iPhone iPad 6

As several devices are connected, the device has selection buttons to choose where the audio comes from.

Here are some technical data:

Maximum Power: 20W RMSDock Compatible: iPad / iPad2 / New iPad, iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S AUX Input: P2 (3.5mm) StereoUSB Port: 5V DC at 500m Input Voltage: 100V ~ 240VOutput Voltage: 5V DC to 2A

Multimedia dock iPhone iPad 4

We emphasize that it is only compatible with iPhone models up to the 4S and iPad up to the iPad 3, due to the wider, older entry.

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Multimedia dock for iPhone and iPad

The second product on sale is another dock, but with a single entry. Ideal for your iPhone or iPad, it has controls, On / Off, Volume and Play.

Multimedia dock iPhone iPad 2

It is compatible with iPad 2 / iPad 3, iPhone 4 / 4S / 3GS / 3G, iPod Touch 2nd Generation / 1st Generation – iPod Nano 5th Generation / 4th Generation / 3rd Generation / 2nd Generation / 1st Generation – iPod Classic, iPod Video, iPod 4th Generation, iPod.

Multimedia dock iPhone iPad 1

A highlight is the electrical outlet that offers 3.5A, well above the standard iPhone (1A) and iPad (2A) charger. This means that your device will charge much faster on this dock. ?

This excellent dock that charges your iPhone faster is leaving R $ 169.90 for only R $ 59.90.

I want my dock that charges my iPhone faster from R $ 169.90 for R $ 59.90.

And more: guarantee an additional 10% discount on these prices using our special promotional code “iphonedicas”.

Stay tuned that next week there will be more promotion for you.

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