Project Titan: Short Video Closely Shows Current Apple Autonomous Car System Hardware

At this point in the championship, it will come as no surprise to anyone that Apple is working on a system for autonomous cars, internally called “Titan Project”. Tim Cook himself has already made that clear, and the only remaining mystery about the project is, of course, knowing what his incarnation will be in the real world if we will see Ma launch the system to other manufacturers, if there is really a car manufactured by the company or well, any other possibility between these two.

A short video published today will not answer this or any other possible question, but it may give us some clues as to where Apple is going. The engineer MacCallister Higgins, co-founder of the autonomous taxi company Voyage, posted on his Twitter a short clip that closely shows the hardware Apple used in its research to develop the project. Take a look:

It will take more than 140 characters to examine Apple's Titan Project. I call it "The Thing."

"The Thing" to which Higgins refers, of course, is the huge piece placed on top of the car that contains the entire apparatus of the system, between several cameras with special sensors and many other components that together resemble a supercomputer responsible for process all the data that will make the car in question move on its own.

Higgins even answered questions from some followers, noting, for example, that all Project Titan's hardware unit is located in that piece on the roof, which puts Apple on a different level from other companies testing similar technologies that usually put various gadget components in the trunk of the vehicle. This means that Ma can easily test your system on several cars just by moving the part and, as the TechCrunch, may point in a direction where the company would sell the technology as an additional module for existing cars.

In the end, we will still have to wait to see if Apple has any chance of ever taking to the streets as it has already won our homes (and our heads). To be?