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Project for new Mac Pro would have started just weeks ago, motivated by the "failure" of the new MacBook Pro

News involving Apple and the pro market is on fire this week. As we have already reported, Ma has decided to open the game and said that it is developing a new Mac Pro and a new display, which should hit the market in 2018. And it was precisely that (release date) that Thom Holwerda focused on a recent article. published on the site OSNews.

According to sources who, at least according to Holwerda, "know things well," the Mac Pro was living in limbo inside Apple. Apparently, the decision to redesign the machine and create something modular, which is very likely to please the professional market, was only taken a few months ago. Well, if the decision was made a few months ago, you won't be surprised if I say that the development of this future Mac Pro (no cost repeating, according to Holwerda) started in earnest a few weeks ago. Precisely for this reason we will not see this product being released later in 2017.

New Mac Pro Tower from Side and Bottom

Old Mac Pro design, released by Apple in 2006 and lasting until 2012

To those expecting to see the launch happening in early 2018, Holwerda tried to throw a bucket of cold water; Although he has confessed in all his letters that he has no idea how long it takes to develop such a Mac Pro, he believes the deadline is well over the end of 2018 or even 2019, which is definitely daunting.

Interestingly enough, Apple was supposed to have taken that 180 turn on the Mac Pro and back to focusing more heavily on the pro market. According to Holwerda sources, it was the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

When launching the new machine, Apple saw a huge demand for refurbished units (refurbished) from the "old" MacBook Pro (with USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 2, SD card slot, HDMI, etc.). This demand would have increased even more after the first Touch Bar MBP reviews. All this added to the problems of the LG UltraFine 5K monitor (launched in partnership with LG) took Apple by surprise, which has now decided to show its love for users. professionals.

Mac Pro Inside

Old Mac Pro design, released by Apple in 2006 and lasting until 2012

This love will be translated into future, more professional machines, such as the Mac Pro (obviously) and a sturdier iMac that also serves this market. But it should not stop by, no. According to Holwerda, Apple is considering launching new models of Retina display without Touch Bar without features and features that would please professional users, such as a way to integrate iPad Pro with Mac to use it as a graphics tablet.

For now, obviously, it's all rumored. So you don't set expectations (we saw that they only get in the way). Regardless of all that, how nice to be talking about Macs again yes, you can call me nostalgic!

(via MacRumors)