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[profissões] How can a Video Producer make better use of his iPad? Tips and Apps!

Okay, the iPad won't replace your professional cameras, your editing islands, or anything like that. But if you're an independent producer who has a good idea and a dream, you can start because your iPad will help you with everything you need, with its HD camera and great editing apps, you as an independent producer can win millions of viewers on the go. YouTube thanks to the videos you can create.

But if you're a pro and you've come this far, don't think I left you alone, included in this list are apps to make storyboards, make notes, scripts, find the direction of the sun. (very important to program scenes), and more, follow the list I made for you video producers (independent or professional).

Applications for Video Producers:

(app 377298193) Create beautiful High Definition (HD) movies on the go with iMovie, the fast and fun movie-making app that puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips. Search and play back projects in the Sunroom view. Create Hollywood-style trailers or sophisticated home videos in minutes. After you finish your projects, share them with everyone directly from iMovie.

* App Store Description

(app 409948907) With this app you will be able to apply several (over 40) color effects to your captures. It allows videos to look much more professional, inspired by Hollywood blockbusters. Add warmth and character to your movies, vivid, glamorous, evocative colors and even cool details like the widescreen black bars. One can summarize the application as the Instagram of videos, always have an effect to make the capture more interesting.

(app 334928503) ScriptWrite is the special text app for screenwriters, with an App designed for screenwriters to make your task even simpler. Writing an entire script or a fast moving scene will be much easier thanks to the application interface. The ScriptWrite Toolbar gives you everything you need, right where you need it, without taking up your creative space. Perfect for the seasoned screenwriters, or those new to the craft!

* App Store Description

(app 389358786) Index Card is a corkboard app that makes it easy to capture, organize and compile your ideas. Whether you are an author, screenwriter or academic researcher, Index Card can help you be a more efficient and organized writer. Download Index Card and find out why thousands of iPad users are already using it.

* App Store Description

(app 417960263) Your creativity can't wait, storyboards let you see that scene even before shooting, now with the iPad everything is even easier because you no longer have to have drawing skills! This app has hundreds of characters and props so you can quickly compose scenes from your next movie, all in an intuitive, feature-rich interface.

* App Store Description

(app 320315888) A convenient, full-featured digital clapperboard, the paltry investment compared to a conventional clapperboard is a must.

(app 402616263) Create stunning-looking HD 16: 9 time-lapse videos instantly on your device. No computer needed, no waiting time. Instant playback. Create great movies for your friends to watch or share them with the world on Youtube, Facebook, and Co. Use iMovie to add themes, titles, and transitions right from your device.

* App Store Description

(app 395953517) Even today producing a tilt-shift style video requires a very high lens investment for your DSLR, or even professional video editing software and simulates the effect. But now, everything just got easier, you just need this fabulous iPad app.

(app 330247123) Knowing where the sun goes during the course of the day is very important for a video producer to make better use of sunlight and to be able to capture scenes at the right time, with this app you will be able to find out exactly the sun's path thanks Solar map is also the augmented reality function, which shows you using the iPad camera where the sun passes at the shooting location.

(app 364365411) Don't miss a task, investing in organization is not a bad business. Things are great for giving you the agenda of everything you should do in everyday life. Get local equipment, check scene details, etc. Rest assured that no other organizing app outperforms Things, if you are a professional you will certainly require a tall feature.

(app 486067538) The best inspirational repository for writers and producers, ever wanted to see how your favorite movie started life? Ever wanted to see how a movie changes from script to screen? Whether you are an industry veteran, a novice screenwriter, or simply interested in learning about movies, this is the app for you and your iPad!

* App Store Description

How can a Video Producer get the most out of his iPad?

Video producers, especially independents who are looking to release their first short film or who want to venture into producing a fully mobile movie, have a great tool for planning their scenes, writing their scripts, producing a storyboard and Also of course, shoot in HD quality.

I suggest that for preproduction you get organized with Things (or Reminders), make your to-do list, everything you have to find, buy, or even rent before shooting.

Of course, a Professional Video Producer will not be able to use his iPad for his filming, but it is even charming for a beginner to publicize a work produced on the iPad. IMovie should not be underestimated, it allows very well done editing, everything a novice needs without investing heavily in software like Final Cut or the like on a Mac.

Other applications very useful to stand out are the Sun Seeker, which allows augmented reality to discover the path of the sun in that location, so you can plan the scene using exactly the sunlight you want.

Be sure to use Storyboards Premium, a great application for preproduction and reference during recording.

Included in the Scriped application list, which is nothing more than the gateway for those considering writing scripts, through it you have access to the scripts of several famous movies, nothing better than learning from the big Hollywood.

What's more, enjoy the full potential of your iPad to be in touch with the world via the internet, use Mail to talk to your contacts and vendors, use Safari to search for services, and also use YouTube a lot for inspiration, There are thousands of videos that can be of use to you.

These are my tips for you video producers, but if you are a professional and using your iPad, you have experience and would like to share with us, please use the comment space. I and all your fellow professors will be very grateful.

A hug, see you!

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