[profissões] How can a Seller or Sales Representative make better use of your iPad? Tips and Apps!

Salespeople and representatives are professionals who are constantly on the move, whether on a business trip or meeting with a customer. This profession can greatly benefit from using iPad as a work tool. Notebooks are big, books take up space and generate tremendous weight to carry, which a salesperson or dealer needs mobility, in this regard the iPad number 1.

Some of the best apps for salespeople and representatives to manage their sales, their contacts, and I also suggest a way to use your iPad and eliminate the use of a computer once and for all.

Two elements that I consider critical to the success of a seller or representative using an iPad are Pages as a word processor and Apple's iPad External Keyboard. These two elements will allow the salesperson to perform his duties as if using a computer, can write his business proposals and save them to PDF, so that nothing can be modified by the customer.

Apps for Sellers and Sales Representatives:

(app 361309726) Pages is the replacement for Microsoft Word on iPad, it allows you to type text as if it were on your computer, business proposals, etc. The most interesting thing is that it lets you choose the output format: Pages, Word or PDF file, the latter being very interesting because your client can't modify it to their liking. It is a formal proposal and without the possibility of editing.

(app 361304891) Numbers is the replacement for Microsoft Excel on iPad, with which you can create and edit all the spreadsheets and tables you are used to making on your computer. It is not perfect, but in my opinion the most complete ever developed for the iPad.

(app 361285480) Keynote is the replacement for Microsoft Power Point on the iPad, so it can create amazing presentations of your products. Numbers commented that slightly inferior to Excel, however, Keynote beats 10 to 0 from Power Point, trusting it can help you create presentations in a simplified way and with effects never seen on your computer.

(app 304075033) When meeting with the important client you can not miss any detail, in these cases a voice recorder can be very useful. Enjoy!

(app 426007025) I can't understand why iPad doesn't bring a calculator (like the iPhone) to date, but that doesn't matter when we have a great, free quality calculator on the App Store. Download now for your utmost profession.

(app 364365411) If you like to keep order, if you recognize the importance of having everything under control, you need to use a professional system to manage your tasks. Things on the iPad is one of the best systems ever invented for personal organization. You know that time money, you know that forgetting a task can mean a great loss, not risk it.

(app 327630330) Do you like to keep your computer-made catalog always accessible on the iPad? Does the company make the catalog available and do you use the iPad as a sales tool? No problem, the famous and very popular Dropbox cloud storage system is available for free on the iPad.

(app 424104128) When an idea comes up and it requires a collaborative environment, just start a meeting and count on the right people. Using GoToMeeting on your iPad or iPhone, video conferencing will be easier than ever. With it you can view slides, projects, spreadsheets, reports or whatever you choose to display on the screen. Compatible with PC or Mac users on the other end.

* App Store Description

(app 478871257) Need to scan an important document, contract or note? Don't worry, let your iPad take care of it for you. Yes, the iPad can become a digital scanner, with the ability to correct perspective and leave the perfect file as if scanned with a traditional and expensive device.

(app 448724987) Another important application for those representing large companies is Workday for iPad that gives you access to the “Workday” system, which is widespread in terms of contact and sales team management.

(app 384405800) Are you constantly getting lost when you need to find a customer's address? Time to use technology to your advantage, Sygic Brazil is without a doubt the best GPS app ever released for iPad and iPhone. Download now and save, a GPS device will cost a lot more expensive than downloading this app.

Only the iPad 3G / 4G has GPS, if you have an iPad Wi-Fi do not buy this application as it will not work.

How can a seller get the most out of their iPad?

In the daily rush of the salesperson or sales representative working with an iPad can become a real asset, remembering that notebooks weigh and occupy tremendous space, the iPad a complete tool that offers almost everything you need from the factory. a salesperson to work with, for example, App Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Safari, iBooks, etc.

Using Contacts to manage your customers and partners keeps your phone list, emails and addresses always in view.

Already App Calendar can be very well used for you to organize, it can be synchronized via iCloud or even Google Calendar, leaving your appointments accessible even by your secretary who can manage everything for you on a PC in the office.

App Mail is a fantastic tool because the warnings and notifications that iOS brings us let you know the instant of the emails you have received, never leaving behind or even losing sight of an important email.

Safari is the gateway to the internet on the iPad, the ultimate browser that will allow you to search for everything you need to do your job as a seller, whether it's a phone, an address, a service partner, anyway, This fundamental App for the seller.

IBooks is a very interesting App for free and gives sellers and representatives the ability to neatly store the PDF documents they receive as a result of their work (catalogs, products, etc.).

I also left a GPS app, which is very useful for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G users, representatives who take the road now will have no problem finding the destination or following the right path.

A very interesting way to use iPad as a seller is the purchase of Bento, where you can store all the products you sell with a lot of quality information. Another way to adopt Keynote, which is similar to PowerPoint, with it you can create very impactful presentations, customers will be swallowed by the effects and technology.

Be sure to purchase Pages, it will allow you to compose your business proposals on the iPad, with which you can email a document and even choose the PDF output format, so that no one can change the content. Using an external keyboard the task of writing documents becomes even easier.

These are my tips for you Sellers and Representatives, now I wish you Happy Sales!

If you seller or sales representative have any recommendations for colleagues visiting our blog, please use the comments space to do so. We all gain from it, your experience is very important.

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