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[profissões] How can a secretary make better use of her iPad? Tips and Apps!

Secretaries are the key piece within a company, they are responsible for organizing and documenting jobs, orders, customers, and more within an office or company. If you own an iPad and would like to incorporate it into your desktop as a desk, today is your lucky day, you have quite a tool in your hand, do you know the best?

Most of the applications that a secretary uses to perform their tasks are free and many of them are already installed on the system, doubt? Follow the list of applications that I consider useful for the secretaries. In the end, I leave a suggestion for you to use your desk to do its job perfectly, be productive, and keep everything under control.

Applications for Secretrias:(app 454257061) “Meeting Minutes” A tool that enables the recording, storage and dissemination of what has been decided at a meeting, takes the form of an interactive minutes form, with an elaborate and practical look, for professionals who have countless responsibilities. attending meetings.

* App Store Description

(app 361309726) Pages is the iPad app that replaces Microsoft Word on your computer, so you need to write text and notes, you need Pages because it is the most complete App Store for this type of task. You can also print texts, send them in Word compatible format via email and also a closed (uneditable) PDF document.

(app 361304891) Numbers, the iPad app that replaces Microsoft Excel on your computer, works with spreadsheets for sure to get a good solution on your tablet. In this respect Numbers, although not 100% Excel compatible, is at least the most complete available for the iPad.

(app 490505997) This cool app, as well as being free, allows you to make notes by hand, it matters to those who need agility when making drafts and notes.

(app 281796108) Evernote is a Moleskine-type notepad that lets you annotate text, record a voice, or even include an image in your notes. It is very important to write down all office messages. Also nice because it syncs in the cloud and with that you do not risk losing any notes.

(app 354098826) Penultimate is a free handwriting application that you can use to take notes, make notes, etc. much more professional than Skitch, but it has a small cost.

(app 304075033) If you are those cautious secretaries who don't want to miss any information in a meeting, it is no better than bringing a tape recorder into the room so that you can later review the information discussed to make the minutes or even derive decisions from participants.

(app 426007025) The iPad sympathetically comes without a calculator, in your work certainly sooner or later you need one, download this one that is sufficiently complete and free.

(app 364365411) A secretary has so many responsibilities, she needs to organize her schedule as well as that of bosses, when it comes to a professional to-do list organization there is no better app than Things on the App Store. It has its price, but, fully indicated to manage the appointments.

How can you get the most out of your iPad?

Well, you're in charge of maintaining order in the office, making sure nothing is missing, scheduling boss appointments, sending and receiving emails, writing notes… all of these tasks are easily performed on the iPad.

You see, with iPad Mail you can set up your corporate email account so you can send and receive contacts with your superiors or clients, open attachments and be notified of new emails instantly.

Since iPad Contacts is a great way to keep your company's customers cataloged and easily accessible, I advise you to use a service other than iCloud to keep your contacts online, this free service is called Google Contacts, with which you can create contacts on the iPad and make them available on the internet as well.

Another Google service that works perfectly on the iPad is Calendar, along with the iPad Calendar and Google Calendar is a plus, you can add appointments from your superiors, send reminders, put them as meeting attendees, finally the possibilities So many.

For you who need to document everything that is said in a meeting, professionally, I have separated the MeetingMinutes application that has PMI formatting above, so that everything is perfectly documented so that when making a decision everything is as it should be.

There are two applications that a secretary needs to buy, namely Pages, for text writing (similar to Word) and Numbers (similar to Excel) to keep the box accounts up to date, as well as perform calculations and other administrative tasks.

An accessory that can to facilitate once the life of a secretary the external keyboard for iPad, you will greatly improve your productivity as you can type your texts faster.

Two other cool apps I've selected for you are: Bento is a powerful tool for creating catalogs and inventories, and Things that lets you add all the reminders by designing your tasks.

What's more, your creativity will allow you to enjoy the full potential of your iPad, these apps that I have handpicked for you will be very useful to you every day.

Good work!

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