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[profissões] How can a journalist make better use of his iPad? Tips and Apps!

Journalists are one of the professionals who can most benefit from the iPad as a working tool, I say this properly, I am not a journalist but they write my work. I am sure you journalist has a full plate on the iPad, the practical tablet, can be easily transported, has the ability to store hundreds of texts, do research on the internet, contact with colleagues and editors, shoot, shoot in HD, finally the possibilities They are huge.

Journalists have certain applications that can help them improve productivity, organization and also the fulfillment of copywriting.

I have separated a list of interesting applications for you journalists and in the end I leave my suggestion of how you can get more out of your iPad, word of wording on tablet.

Journalist Applications:(app 281796108) Evernote is a note-taking application, virtually a digital Moleskine, with which you can insert text, photo and voice recordings. It's worth it because it syncs via the internet and can be accessed from any computer.

(app 361309726) Pages, the app that replaces Microsoft Word on the iPad, I talked about it earlier here on the blog when I pointed out the best apps for opening Word files. In my opinion do not waste your time, download Pages and be super satisfied. With him being able to write his texts without any problem.

(app 358801284) A free and very good alternative to follow blogs and international sites, you can also add your Twitter and Facebook profile to form a personalized magazine.

(app 403703264) After the recently signed orthographic agreement, it was difficult to get it right when writing a journalistic text. We must be aware that now in 2013 its use becomes mandatory and it is very ugly for a journalist to sin on this issue.

(app 335024212) Ideal for journalists who have some doubts in the English language, a complete dictionary with synonyms and translation.

(app 364709193) Ideal for opening PDF documents without investing money.

(app 363448914) iBooks is pretty good, but in a sense, it doesn't allow you to annotate PDF documents, jo Good Reader totally meets that need, you can highlight, paint, outline, or even write sticky notes on PDFs that stores in it.

(app 401643317) Simply amazing, a great choice for: Taking notes, Making notes on PDFs and Editing photos. In my choice the most complete and most worthwhile to invest your money in writing on the iPad.

(app 354098826) One of the best handwriting apps on the iPad, economical and with unsurpassed stroke quality. I recommend!

(app 304075033) There is no better way to document an interview than with a tape recorder, but it's gone when journalists walked back and forth with a tape recorder and tape. In the digital age you can record hours and hours without carrying anything extra, just your iPad. With it will be much more convenient to record and listen to your meetings using the tablet.

(app 490505997) When a journalist is writing a story he or she raises a lot of information, Skitch can be a great option for scribbling, annotating evidence, photographs, iPad camera footage, maps, web pages, etc. Download it today for free and a great free hand doodling on iPad. It will be even better if you can count on a stylus pen!

(app 364365411) The life of a journalist is not easy, so much commitment, so many tasks that it is difficult to stay organized. In these cases we need to let technology help us. Things, for example, may seem expensive, but it is a great application that will solve your clutter, loss of line, or even forgetting about things once and for all. It is very worthwhile, do not think of "spent", consider an investment for your professional success.

(app 439438619) Often journalists themselves document their texts with photographs, before sending them to the publisher it is best to handle and take care of the details with a great app.

(app 377298193) Not only text lives a journalist, if you are at the right time at the indicated location and want to produce a short video using your iPad camera, you can even edit it the way you want using iMovie. IMovie was created by Apple to make it easy to edit and share videos on iPad. Any journalist with no advanced computer skills can handle it.

How can a journalist make the most of his iPad?

Journalists who own an iPad have such a tool that will allow them to produce content, write texts and use it as their primary weapon while performing their activities, all without the need for a computer, practice, creativity And the right accessories will be ready to work as a journalist with only your iPad.

My suggestion for a journalist who, in addition to organizing with Things (or Reminders), not to forget any appointments or pending text, may use the tablet to send colleagues or mail (Mail), and also of course , use iPad as a text production tool.

Pages a fabulous app It has very advanced features, the Word replacement on the iPad and no matter how hard you try there is no other more practical than it. This application has many templates for you to adapt your wording and assemble a note, as well as starting a text from scratch.

In addition to all the features previously commented, journalists will certainly use free and native apps such as the Contacts App to manage their colleagues 'and contacts' emails and phones, Calendar to not miss any important events or meetings, schedule their schedules to Don't lose focus and also have Mail to be in touch with colleagues and writing all the time, Safari is the gateway to the internet on the iPad so use it to browse the web and fetch all the content needed to work out. an article or article, etc.

Other apps make up the list of apps for journalists like Reeder where you can add all the portals and digital newspapers (via RSS) that interest you so as not to miss any reporting hole in this world.

Remember that if you make a video on iPad you can edit it with iMovie and then upload it to YouTube directly from the viewer (by tapping the share box). I have also set aside a photo editor so that you don't get ugly with the iPad camera which is a little simple for certain moments, it's important to record what happened and do the best you can.

Tip: Together from Pages very interesting For a journalist to buy the external keyboard to give you more freedom when writing your texts, without it you can hardly enjoy your iPad 100%, instead of helping it to be less productive, no one can write long on a keyboard virtual.

These were my tips for you journalists, but if any fellow has another tip or want to recommend an application that is not on this list please use the comments space. I and your fellow professors thank you immensely.

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