[profissões] How can a Human Resources professional make better use of your iPad? Tips and Apps!

The Human Resources professional plays a vital role within the company, should be able to identify talent, hire, train and provide a pleasant working environment for their contractors. If you work with Human Resources and have an iPad, I would like to inform you that you own a tool both hands, you know the best?

Most of the applications you use to run are free and many of them are already installed on the system, doubt? Follow the list of applications that I find useful for you HR professionals. In the end, I leave a suggestion for use so that you can perform your tasks perfectly, be productive and make important decisions in your daily life.

Apps for Human Resources Professionals:

(app 492300610) This is the ideal app to make the most of the professionals' social network, LinkedIn. If you use LinkedIn to select and connect with professionals, you are sure to enjoy it.

(app 281796108) Evernote is a note-taking application, virtually a digital Moleskine, with which you can insert text, photo and voice recordings. It's worth it because it syncs via the internet and can be accessed from any computer.

(app 361285480) This is the app that replaces Microsoft Power Point on the iPad. You Human Resources professional are certainly used to creating company presentations, reports, results presentation, etc. This is a great tool for creating these iPad presentations, all uncomplicated and with the Apple Quality Seal!

(app 363448914) iBooks is quite good, but in a sense, it does not allow you to annotate PDF documents, since Good Reader fully addresses this need, you can highlight, paint, outline, or even write texts on sticky notes. Ideal for taking notes on resumes and portfolios received by email.

(app 409704238) This is the ideal app to keep employees tracked all the time, where you can record all employee history: late arrivals, absences, as well as compliments. In the app you will add all information about the employee, photo, full name, address, etc. A very interactive way to deal with human resources.

(app 372733733) This app is also very useful for recording all your employees activities, warnings, compliments, etc. An example: If the employee “Joo” was in a meeting with a customer, and he was extremely pleased, you might signal as a differential of “Joo” (dealing with customers). This way you will be able to customize all the reports you want to create, communicate with employees via email, make notes, etc.

(app 475659902) This app will help you document and prepare an interview with a potential employee. In it you can create questions to be followed, the application takes care of showing the question to be asked and then recording the answer, extremely useful as an assistant. A perfect structure to prepare to conduct interviews, with a lot of flexibility and a documentation that facilitates the use. It also has post-interview features, with the ability to rate the interviewee, and then compare the options of professionals.

(app 448449583) Another very interesting option for the same purpose, has its price for being considered a more professional option. I will leave the full description of the App Store so you can understand everything it can do.

An application that makes interviewing and organizing notes almost effortless! MyInterview is perfect for anyone who has to create and submit surveys, interview others for work or just stay organized. Go green, download this app and no more roles for all interviews!

Within MyInterview, three easy-to-navigate sections take care of all the interview management work:


  • Create custom quizzes or use one of the many topics available to prepare for the interview or meeting while it turns green.
  • Open answers to text questions
  • Multiple choice (with audio and visual aids)
  • Create your own questions
  • Save your custom themes for future use.

2. INTERVIEW While conducting the interview, record and time the conversation in the easy-to-use interface. Locate the discussion title, description, and date the interview took place with GPS. MyInterview also lets you take your own notes during the interview.

3. REVIEW Get instant access to any recorded file to review questions and answers. You can repeat the interview by listening to the recordings of the full interview or individual questions. Share the quizzes and charts with your colleagues via email or social networks. MyInterview also lets you compare responses from multiple people using the same great theme to conduct survey questions! You can print your forms directly from this application!

* App Store Description

(app 424104128) When an idea comes up and it requires a collaborative environment, just start a meeting and count on the right people. Using GoToMeeting on your iPad or iPhone, video conferencing will be easier than ever. With it you can view slides, projects, spreadsheets, reports or whatever you choose to display on the screen. Compatible with PC or Mac users on the other end.

* App Store Description

(app 439138104) VOC S / A is the leading career and personal finance magazine in Brazil. Published by Editora Abril since 1998, VOC S / A brings each month the best information for those seeking professional success and want to learn how to make money.

* App Store Description

(app 364365411) When you have so many tasks to do during the workday, there's nothing better than professional help to keep your focus on it, become more organized, and not have to do anything to do. Organize interviews, tasks, and everything your job requires using the App Store's best to-do manager.

(app 384098444) All job offers in one click!

Careerjet offers all job vacancies on the internet in one search.

The application is free and there is no need to register. With a simple interface, looking for work could not be simpler and faster!

To access all Careerjet services such as uploading your resume, saving your favorite searches and customizing job alerts, simply create a candidate account. free and only takes a few seconds. We ask you your name, email and password. Once created, you can use your account on any Careerjet, mobile or web platform.

* App Store Description

(app 309735670) Find jobs at Indeed, the most complete job search engine. With just one search, Indeed offers free access to thousands of jobs from hundreds of job sites, companies and recruitment agencies.

* App Store Description

How can you Human Resources professional get the most out of your iPad?

You're in charge of being in touch with employees all the time, it involves exchanging emails, writing notes, doing interviews, taking notes on resumes… all of these tasks are easily performed on iPad.

IPad Mail lets you set up your corporate email account so you can send and receive messages from your employees or future interviewees, open attachments, and know about new mail coming in instantly.

Since iPad Contacts is a great way to keep your employees cataloged and easily accessible, I advise you to use a service other than iCloud to keep your contacts online, this free service is called Google Contacts, with it you can create contacts on the web. iPad and make them available also on the internet.

Another Google service that works perfectly on the iPad is Calendar, along with the iPad Calendar, Google Calendar is an asset, you can add your meetings, interviews, send reminders, add people as meeting participants, so the possibilities are many. .

There is an app that is very interesting for the Human Resources professional, his name Things that will allow you to add all reminders more completely compared to the native Reminders of iPad, organizing by design your tasks.

I will add to this list Keynote, a great application developed by Apple to create slideshows, this tool can help you to mount company presentations as well as assemble slides for your trainings and other activities.

What's more, your creativity will allow you to enjoy the full potential of your iPad, these apps that I have handpicked for you HR people will be very useful to you every day.

And these were my app tips for you Human Resources professionals, but as I always say… no one better than the professional himself to tell us the experience he's been living in his day, the apps he uses and how enjoy your iPad. If you feel comfortable sharing your experience, please leave your opinion in the comments. The debate is open, participate.