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[profissões] How can a fashion professional or image consultant make better use of your iPad? Tips and Apps!

Fashion professionals and image consultants are people who need to be constantly attuned to all the latest in the fashion world, these people only work with criticism and good taste, there's nothing better than using their iPads for inspiration. , portfolio presentation and ideas.

Fashion professionals are always with their clients, or in their studios producing pieces and collections, what they need are applications that make it easy for them to sketch their ideas as well as the search for inspiration in the big and recognized brands.

The iPad is a fantastic tool if used for hand drawing with the help of a stylus pen and also in direct dealing with the customer, you see, the right tablet used can become an impactful portfolio and a great facilitator to make notes on. above the samples of your looks or collections.

Nothing beats the iPad to have the internet at your fingertips and surf for colors, fabrics and ideas, keep up with your favorite blogs, as well as being in constant public relations. Below I listed the best apps for inspiration, ideas documentation and presentation of looks and collections. So, I explain how you fashion professional can use your iPad on a daily basis.

Apps for Fashion Professionals and Image Consultants:

(app 281796108) Evernote is a note-taking application, virtually a digital Moleskine, with which you can insert text, photo and voice recordings. It's worth it because it syncs via the internet and can be accessed from any computer.

(app 354098826) One of the most downloaded free hand-drawn apps ever made, Penultimate is really the biggest hit on the iPad. Even Apple has already highlighted this app in commercials and featured spaces (App of the Week and more). Great choice for those who like to make sketches with the help of a stylus, take notes, draw models, etc.

(app 342790226) For you who like vector traces more, this is an excellent proposal to design your creations, with an easy-to-use interface it will be no problem to replace the computer in this task.

(app 358801284) A free and very good alternative to follow blogs and international sites, you can also add your Twitter and Facebook profile to form a personalized magazine of your own.

(app 361285480) There's no better app to present your portfolio than Keynote, it's great, far superior than Power Point, and much easier to use, with a few taps you'll make your presentation shine and surprise everyone. Make them want your collections and looks, a good image is worth a thousand words!

(app 363448914) With this app you will be able to make notes on the pieces presented in PDF, ideal for all your parts, looks and collections approval meetings.

(app 364365411) Things is a powerful personal production and organizing tool, with it you won't miss any activity, appointment, deadline or meeting. Surprise everyone for their punctuality and faithfulness to the deadline for their work.

(app 402272154) Pose magazine welcomes you with an innovative way of inspiration that personalizes fashion and beauty experts to follow, giving you access to exclusive photos of your original styles. You can also follow your friends to see what they are currently using. Save your favorite inspiration or make a shopping list by creating your own collection to easily buy the latest fashion items.

* App Store Description

(app 428469544) This app is one of the recommended for inspiration of looks and menswear, worth buying because it is full of combinations and tips on how to combine each type of clothing.

(app 417107996) I talked about Valet Magazine earlier here on the blog, this magazine is a repository of how a modern man should wear and match looks.

(app 353678054) This app makes it easy for you to keep up with fashion week coverage in New York, Paris, Milo, London, Los Angeles and Miami. In addition to fashion dressing the app features a lot of information about hair models, makeup, designer interviews, etc.

(app 398746803) The brand's official catalog will allow you to roam the screen, swipe to flip from page to page like a printed catalog. If you find any item you like, just touch the image and be taken directly to the item displayed on the site to check availability and price.

* App Store Description

(app 390437987) Experience the Valentino world through the iPad app: Collections, fashion shows and more.

* App Store Description

(app 377819872) Miguel Vieira iPhone app lets you explore the latest creations of the Portuguese designer. See photos of the collection and the videos of the latest shows. Get access to exclusive content and stay up-to-date on the official Miguel Vieira blog on your iPhone or iPod Touch – anytime, anywhere.

* App Store Description

(app 414306304) See collections from New York, London, Paris, and Milo. Show videos, photos, catwalk and enjoy the latest fashion news.

(app 405244138) Try the latest generation of ELLE Brasil: ELLE on the iPad! See everything you love most about the country's largest fashion magazine in a must-see interactive digital edition. The best in the fashion world, the trends, the styles and the latest in beauty and culture.

* App Store Description

(app 380535940) NET-A-PORTER Magazine arrives weekly on the iPad, in the app you can read new issues, view and buy new numbers wherever you are.

(app 394603554) STYLE on The Move The digital version of STYLE magazine, where you can follow the best of fashion and beauty worldwide, don't miss it!

Suggestion from iPad readersTips:

(app 398004720) (app 293249989)

(app 427485702) (app 435691702)

How a fashion professional can make better use of his iPad on a daily basis:

Fashion designers or image consultants can rely on iPad for much of their work, making it much easier to find inspiration, sketch ideas, present portfolios, and document work meetings.

You will be able to make use of numerous free applications and many others of great value for low cost, such as Evernote, which costs nothing and excellent to make notes (like Moleskine), you can also record audio and image using the application.

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What about Penultimate, a great application that lets you start a sketch from scratch, using a stylus you can create freehand looks.

Professionals who need creativity in their work, such as fashion, unfortunately are often very disorganized, so I suggest using Things (or Reminders), to not let any delivery dates go blank, you can still use It is the tablet for sending emails to clients (Mail), surfing the internet (Safari), and also of course using the iPad as a creation tool.

Keynote is a fantastic application that enables you to make beautiful presentations, your customers will be fascinated with what you have prepared, buy them for the eyes! When it comes to creativity, it's nothing better than bringing the customer a first-rate presentation.

You will surely rely on a projector or your client to have one in the meeting room, not visiting without an HDMI cable or VGA cable to be able to connect your iPad to the big screen.

In addition to all the aforementioned features, fashion professionals will certainly use free and native apps, such as the Contacts App to manage their customers 'and suppliers' email and phones, the Calendar to not miss any important events or meetings, schedule their Not to lose focus and of course use Reeder to stay in touch with your favorite blogs and inspirational galleries via RSS. Safari is the gateway to the internet on the iPad so use it to search for images and anything you need to come up with ideas, etc.

Well, these are my tips for you fashion professionals or image consultants, but no one better than yourselves to provide everyday usage tips in these professions. If you feel comfortable sharing your experience, please leave your message in the comments.

Big hug, until now.

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