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[profissões] How can a dentist make better use of his iPad? Tips and Apps!

Dentists using iPad have a device that can make it easier for them to tasks within the office, the tablet can really improve the quality of care patients because it is extremely useful for document and store the data, follow up treatments and more.

Dr. who owns an iPad can use it for communication with the patientIt will be easy to create presentations to show the diagnosis and present possible treatments, it can show x-rays, photographs, before and after comparisons, make notes, etc.

A dentist may also use some applications that serve as a reference in recommending medicines and generics, these guides exist for make the professional's life easier of health.

This list was conformed to the best apps already found on the App Store, a little research and also with the valuable help Dr. Leonardo Augusto da Matta Fonseca, thank you very much for your collaboration.

Apps for Dentists:

(app 385490582) This app provides full-screen demonstration animations on the iPad, with which you can work with a fully animated reference, easy and fast communication so that you can explain dental concepts to your patients.

(app 369562600) Generic BR is a guide to reference medicines and their generic equivalents for both Brazilian healthcare professionals and the general public. Search by active ingredient or reference drug, Offline query to the 130 most popular generic labels in Brazil, Fast access to Anvisa's electronic bulbs and more.

* Description of the App Store.

(app 371767992) Each healthy smile begins with clear and effective communication between dentist and his patient. Communication builds understanding, confidence, and allows your patients to choose from the best available treatment options you propose.

* Description of the App Store.

(app 424476132) Discover the new GC Restorative Dental Guide, this interactive guide will help you learn how to use restorative components and agents. This app is a useful tool to use in your clinic, as well as a valuable tool for communicating with patients.

* Description of the App Store.

(app 433555711) One of the basic tools that a dentist needs is a graphic dental chart, the Smart Dental Chart is an app to have with you at all appointments, with which you can intelligently write down the conditions and treatment plan for your patients. , just tap and drag to make your notes. Compared to the traditional method its differential is simplicity, flexibility and efficiency.

* Description of the App Store.

(app 412654342) With this app you can add all your patients, catalog information about each patient, address, phone, date of birth, including blood type and other useful information. With it you can also schedule appointments and treatments already performed.

(app 426911402) A picture is worth a thousand words, this is the principle of Dental Aid, a high-resolution image-packed app with callouts that help dentists explain treatment procedures to their patients more easily. It also helps the patient understand the treatment they are receiving, not only by listening but with pictures.

* Description of the App Store.

(app 504159417) This simple app is designed to turn your iPad or iPhone into an X-ray view box. That's right, very simple and useful. Place your X-ray on the iPad screen and view it perfectly.

* Description of the App Store.

(app 484826190) This App is made up of two parts: dental and orthodontic. In the first explains each dental treatment as prostheses, prevention, implants, etc. Already in the second simulation and detailing of treatments for orthodontic patients, explanation before and after treatment in 3D animations, etc.

* Description of the App Store.

(app 481159358) The app is a great tool for teaching your patients about oral care, has comprehensive demonstrations of dental care products, and detailed explanation of oral care procedures. There are 9 types of products: brushes, floss, interdental brush and more.

(app 472980862) KidsDental uses good animations to keep little patients entertained while learning about dental care. It is divided into four sections designed to teach children about basic care: Explore, Conditions, Learning, and My Teeth.

* Description of the App Store.

(app 361285480) Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device. It makes for great presentations, with graphic elements and lively transitions. Allows the creation of an excellent treatment demonstrations to present to patients. It is the application that replaces Microsoft Power Point on the iPad.

Suggestion from readers:(app 571003771)

How can you dentist get the most out of your iPad?

You always have a busy schedule, need to be in constant contact with your patients, make appointments, send and receive emails… all these tasks are easily executable on the iPad. In addition to all of the specific dentistry apps mentioned above you can still use your iPad to manage your office, your desk can add appointments to your calendar, and more.

See, with iPad Mail you can set up your email account This way you can be in touch with your patients or other health professionals, open attachments and be notified of new mail coming instantly.

IPad Contacts is a great way to keep your patients cataloged and easily accessible, with the help of Google Apps, with their online services you can have on your iPad everything your desk can access on your regular computer. Contacts, Calendar, Notes, everything is integrated, you never miss a contact list or any appointment, everything is stored online.

Another app that adds value to the iPad Calendrio (sync with Google)you will be able to add as well as view appointments and appointments scheduled by the secretary, leave reminders, etc.

Be sure to download Keynote, this app is very useful for assembling Power Point presentations, with an amazing look that only the iPad can give you. Sample treatment, suggested procedure, etc. Your patients will love it.

Use the Dental Pic Compare To surprise your patients with before-and-after images, offering a type of treatment will be much easier, your patients will be persuaded to accept your suggestion.

What's more, your creativity will allow you to enjoy the full potential of your iPad, these apps that I have handpicked for you dentists will be very useful to you every day.

These are my recommendations for you dentists!

And you? Do you use another application not in the list? Recommend it!

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