[profissões] How can a Civil Engineer make better use of his iPad? Tips and Apps!

[profissões] How can a Civil Engineer make better use of his iPad? Tips and Apps!

A civil engineer can hardly leave the computer once and for all to make his profession, in the realization of his work there is a need to use exclusive software for project design and even 3D, but nothing prevents that with a little creativity you engineer make a good using iPad as a tool on your desktop.

You see, the civil engineer has clients, often works as an independent professional and relates via email, calendar meetings, etc.

I have separated a list of special applications for civil engineers, and at the end make a suggestion of use so that they can use the iPad to deal with customers and make portfolio presentation.

Apps for Engineers:

(app 393149734) View, edit, and share your DWG files with anyone, anywhere. The AutoCAD WS mobile app allows you to work with AutoCAD drawings directly on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Write and review drawings accurately while on-site, at meetings, or outside the office. Work with local versions of your projects when you don't have an Internet connection and easily open received DWG, DWF, and DXF files as email attachments directly on your device. Experience the freedom to take your projects wherever you go.

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(app 413515229) This app help you create simplified projects to exemplify the work that can be done with your customers. It features revolutionary technology that lets you create real-time 3D models on iPad. The uncomplicated interface can be used by everyone regardless of the level of computer literacy.

(app 330247123) This fabulous App lets you know where it “hits the sun” at all hours of the day, so you can plan your work according to sunlight, so that you can better enjoy natural light on the ground. Provides a flat view and even an augmented reality view, perfect for you who are starting the project.

(app 358085627) This app allows you to create, open, edit, send and receive DWG / DXF / CTM files on your iPad. To be able to open files received by email, or sent by iTunes, Dropbox or any type of WebDAV storage of your choice. There are over 150 CAD tools at your disposal to edit and create the desired files. You do not need internet connection to edit the files, just install it and be ready to work.

(app 435101607) This free ruler help you calculate measurements in engineering project drawings.

(app 361285480) Keynote is the best slide show app ever created for the iPad, you can create a slideshow with it (portfolio) with the work already done, or even make a project presentation to your client. With the interaction of the slides will be easier to approve the project created!

How can a Civil Engineer get more from his iPad?

I believe the civil engineering professional who works with the iPad has a powerful tool for relating and displaying your portfolio in meetings.

I suggest to an engineer the use of the iPad as a traveling business card, you take it with you wherever you go, show it to potential clients, and keep an eye on your email and appointment book.

Happy are the engineers who will be able to use mostly free and native apps like App Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Safari, etc.

Using Contacts to manage your customers, suppliers and partners you keep your phone list, emails and addresses always in view.

Since the Agenda App can be very well employed so that you engineer stay organized, independent professionals often suffer from organization, so nothing better than scheduling their tasks and not wasting time for any important meeting.

App Mail is a fantastic tool because the warnings and notifications that iOS brings us let you know the instant of the emails you have received, never leaving behind or even losing sight of an important email.

Safari is the gateway to the internet on the iPad, the ultimate browser that will allow you to find everything you need to do your job as an engineer, whether it's a vendor phone, an address, a service company Finally, this fundamental App.

Be sure to purchase Keynote, it will help you create presentations that really impact iPad, with it you can always create and keep up with your portfolio, which will be presented to your potential customers with each visit. A good image is worth a thousand words, make them want you!

Be sure to read the special article for engineers we published earlier:

These are my tips for you engineers, if you have experience using your iPad and would like to recommend to your profession colleagues some application or a hint feel free, the comment space is free for debate.

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