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[profissões] How can a chef use your iPad better? Tips and Apps!

Chefs can basically use iPad as a source of inspiration. the number of applications that were made thinking about the gastronomic quality, some with beautiful images, others with beautiful recipes Written by nutritionists, it is important that in everyday life there is always something new to cook if the Chef uses the iPad for inspiration.

Below I have listed some of the top apps for Chefs and Cooks, the good news that most free.

Enjoy the recommended Apps and get inspired and touch your creations!

Apps for Chefs:

[app 465324680] Oliveira da Serra created, thinking of you, the concept 15q.b. Mouth-watering recipes created by chef Vitor Sobral and prepared or cooked in just 15 minutes. Get inspired daily with our 15q.b Recipes.

* Description of the App Store.

[app 468520895] With iG Recipes you learn how to prepare delicious dishes for all occasions. There are over 1,500 recipes with easy-to-find ingredients, high quality photos and HD videos for a few options. All this is divided into categories ranging from starters to dessert, with options for all tastes.

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[app 453292496] There are 300 recipes in the free basic package and hundreds more options in the special packages organized by themes such as regional cuisine, types of dishes, occasion etc. The first releases are the Salads, Cakes and Italian packages. Follow the launch of new packages on MdeMulher Portal and the App Store.

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[app 401744113] Get ready to get your mouth watering, with it you will always have delicious and nutritious recipes that will surprise your family and friends and that will surely earn you many compliments. There are more than 50 dishes you can make on a daily basis or on special occasions, with detailed preparation instructions and photos that will whet your appetite. All practical and without mystery!

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[app 423558670] The digital version of Nestl Com Voc magazine for iPad has arrived. Now, with just one tap, you can access all the materials, wherever you are. There are many tips on nutrition, health and wellness, recipes, product launches, promotions and many other information that will make your life even more enjoyable.

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[app 577891381] The most famous recipe site on the Brazilian internet is very well represented in this app, with the classic and homemade recipes tested and approved by the community. Inspiration will not miss!

[app 462577825] Vegan chef and contributor to Vegetarian Magazine Ellen Vitorino gathers in this book 70 suggestions for vegetarian recipes to help the reader set up a tasty menu for everyday life and always maintain a healthy diet.

* Description of the App Store.

[app 312101965] Surely one of the best recipe apps ever released, a huge pity just being in English, but it has over 30,000 delicious recipes entirely free, it's worth it if you have studied international cuisine you can correctly understand gastronomic English.

How can a chef make the most of his iPad?

Well, in this profession you will need a lot of inspiration to create your best dishes, get references on world cuisine and even look for special recipes to use in your kitchen.

IPad is a very interesting tool to use as a kitchen aid, so you can easily surf the web, watch videos and be in touch with all the material that will help you prepare the best dishes!

Consider purchasing a stand or Smart Cover so that the iPad can be propped up on an ideal tilt for reading and handling in the kitchen.

These are my tips for you Chefs!

And you? Got any tips to share? Know any apps that deserve to be highlighted?

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