Production of a supposed Retina display MacBook Air would have been delayed until the second half of the year

Not today do comments emerge about a new model of the MacBook Air; We even commented last March on a likely new notebook of this line coming in the second quarter of this year. However, new information acquired by the polemicist DigiTimes against this prediction, indicating that the production of this supposed new model would be only for the second half of the year.

Vehicle sources report that Apple has informed its suppliers that mass production of the new computer model will not begin until the second half of the year, but have not provided any information about the new production dates. According to some companies that provide parts for Ma's notebook, the decision would have come after problems with the processors used in it.

The statement comes just days after Intel announced that it would postpone mass production of its new generation 10-nanometer processors to 2019 due to problems with component manufacturing.

Some speculation about the new computer in the line includes an ultra-thin design, Retina display and the latest Intel processors. However, the thing that caught the most attention was the possible price range of the new MacBook Air, which could cost $ 900 against the $ 1,000 currently charged. For market analysts, such value would be a way to leverage Mac sales by up to 10% later this year, catching up after the Chromebook avalanche.

Another big question if we are really talking about a new "MacBook Air", as the rumors point out. Well, we already have in the market just a successor of Air with Retina display, the "pure" MacBook. Isn't this a new, more affordable MacBook input model?

The move to postpone the assembly of the alleged new MacBook Air will have a dominant effect, as suppliers will be forced to wait to produce new components until Apple indicates the start of production; This could then hit the massive manufacturing period of the new iPhones, expected in the middle of the second half of the year. For some industries in China, meeting the extra demand will be an even more challenging task, as the country is home to some of Ma's major automakers.

With the new scenario, Apple is even more unlikely to comment on an update to the MacBook Air line at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this coming June 4-8, but we will stay tuned for any news.

via Patently Apple