Procon wants explanation of post office for fee charged to imported

Procon wants explanation of post office for fee charged to imported

About this new measure adopted by the Post Office, the state Procon of Rio de Janeiro opened an investigation hoping that the Brazilian state will explain about this new fee charged. According to Procon, the Post Office had to explain the implementation of the collection, its legal basis, as well as clarification on what the postal order also presents a cost table that justifies the amount charged.

Senacon (National Consumer Secretariat) also demanded that the company's president, Carlos Roberto Fortner, an explanation of this new measure adopted by the state. Procon has given the president 15 days to comment and explain this controversial rate. Senacon has already summoned Carlos Roberto Fortner to explain this matter, and so far the company president has not commented.

Facade of the Post Office of B. Centro Colonel Fabriciano MG2
Post Office / Wikimedia Commons

Apparently, this case will still yield much discussion, as consumers are increasingly expressing their discontent with the new measure adopted by the Post. Complaints have been growing mainly on social networks, especially after the president of the state revealed that the charge yields $ 90 million per month to the post office coffers.

And you find this new media adopted by the Post Office?

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