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PROCON releases ranking of complaints against smartphone makers

PROCON of the State of So Paulo released a list of companies that led the ranking of complaints during the first half of 2015. According to the report, there was a 45% increase in complaints over the same period last year. In the smartphone segment, Sony leads the ranking of complaints and unresolved complaints. Check out more details in the article below.

Between January and June this year, Sony handsets were the ones that had the most complaints registered with PROCON. In total there were 2,709 complaints filed, of which 865 complaints were against Sony during the first half of this year. The list also points to the number of complaints that were resolved by all companies, and in the case of Sony, the company solved only 69% of the total complaints. Motorola ranks second with 535 complaints, and in the third position appears Samsung with 497 complaints. Check out the ranking below:






865 69%
535 86%
497 95%
114 86%
109 89%

Last week we talked to Sony Mobile Brazil Marketing Director Ana Peretti, who commented on how complaints are handled within the company. According to her, there is a great deal of concern about consumer experience with branded products. The company has a process aligned between the marketing and after-sales teams that monitor customer complaints on various channels, such as Complain Here, PROCON, social networks and physical stores. With respect to waterproof device infiltration testing, Sony performs all necessary testing in Brazil, centralizing procedures between two advanced repair centers that are Sony partners. In this case, Sony service acts only as a collection point and does not repair the device on site.

Like the list released by PROCON, Sony also does not state the reasons for these complaints against their smartphones or tablets. During the last two semesters of last year, Samsung ranked first in the PROCON ranking with 571 complaints, followed by Motorola (297 complaints) which remained in second place. You can see the 2014 list here, and the first half of 2015 here.

And, have you had any problems with any device from these top 5 PROCON companies?

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