Procon-MG fines Apple $ 2 million due to iPhones 7 microphone problem

Procon-MG fines Apple $ 2 million due to iPhones 7 microphone problem

The Minas Gerais Public Ministry (MPMG) announced last week that the Procon-MG apply a fine of $ 2 million Apple because of problems consumers have had with the iPhones 7 and 7 Plus Microphone.

The whole case was pretty weird. After the release of iOS 11.3 (.1), some devices of this generation had their microphone completely unusable. Apple began switching affected handsets in mid-May 2018, but curiously and unexpectedly ceased this practice just two months later.

Basically, Apple came to treat the cases as any problem (or even "misuse"), did not take the blame for the failure and forced consumers to spend about $ 1,700 to replace defective units.

Fernando Ferreira Abreu, prosecutor of Consumer Protection, says that “the gross number of 224 complaints registered on the site Reclame Aqui does not yet reveal the completeness of the damage, because, in technology-related matters, there is a huge repressed number of unregistered complaints. , since the consumer is induced to accept the information of technical assistance.

The fine, whose exact amount of R $ 2,075,640.99, refers to the collective loss calculated by Procon-MG and to be destined to the State Fund for Protection and Consumer Protection.

Obviously, Apple Brazil has not commented on the case and can still appeal the decision.

via UOL Tilt